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Best Data Science Resources

Hey, Data Enthusiasts out there! Finally, after lots of requests from the community I finally came up with the best free Data Science Resouces which will equip you with all the skills and Tech Stack required to get the Data Science job!🚀


A trove of carefully curated resources and links (on the topics of software, platforms, language, techniques, etc.) related to data science, all in one place.

Some of the other free YouTube Resources!

  1. Complete Machine Learning Playlist by Krish Naik:
  2. Data Science Projects:
  3. Deep Learning Playlist:

Don't forget it share it with your friends, star it and fork it on your GitHub, Have a happy learning!❤

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Python (1,121,484
Jupyter Notebook (235,246
Machine Learning (30,945
Deep Learning (23,045
Mongodb (14,176
Aws (11,243
Data Science (8,889
Neural Network (8,464
Computer Vision (7,962
Github (7,891
Git (7,499
Sql (7,050
Data Structures (6,220
Artificial Intelligence (5,443
Ai (4,686
Natural Language Processing (4,625
Data (4,312
Statistics (4,219
Artificial Intelligence Algorithms (197
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