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The Top 83 Coverage Open Source Projects

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Intern ⭐4,156
A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.
Simplecov ⭐3,868
Code coverage for Ruby 1.9+ with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites
Express Mongoose Es6 Rest Api ⭐2,525
πŸ’₯ A boilerplate application for building RESTful APIs Microservice in Node.js using express and mongoose in ES6 with code coverage and JsonWebToken Authentication
Jacoco ⭐1,943
πŸ”¬ JaCoCo - Java Code Coverage Library
Mutant ⭐1,583
Mutation testing for Ruby
Coverlet ⭐1,469
Cross platform code coverage for .NET
Teaspoon ⭐1,440
Teaspoon: Javascript test runner for Rails. Use Selenium, BrowserStack, or PhantomJS.
Humbug ⭐1,160
Humbug is a Mutation Testing framework for PHP to measure the real effectiveness of your test suites and assist in their improvement. It eats Code Coverage for breakfast.
Opencover ⭐1,142
A code coverage tool for .NET 2 and above (WINDOWS OS only), support for 32 and 64 processes with both branch and sequence points
Infection ⭐1,082
AST based PHP Mutation Testing Framework
Kahlan ⭐1,005
βœ”οΈ PHP Test Framework for Freedom, Truth, and Justice
Node Coveralls ⭐949
lcov posting to
Pitest ⭐925
State of the art mutation testing system for the JVM
Xcodecoverage ⭐777
Code coverage for Xcode projects (Objective-C only)
Gogradle ⭐647
A Gradle Plugin Providing Full Support for Go
Express Babel ⭐613
Express starter kit with ES2017+ support, testing, linting, and code coverage
Cargo Make ⭐452
Rust task runner and build tool.
Undercover ⭐450
Actionable code coverage - detects untested code blocks in recent changes
Kcov ⭐418
Code coverage tool for compiled programs, Python and Bash which uses debugging information to collect and report data without special compilation options
Xcov ⭐395
Nice code coverage reporting without hassle
Jscover ⭐366
JSCover is a JavaScript Code Coverage Tool that measures line, branch and function coverage
Gcovr ⭐360
generate code coverage reports with gcc/gcov
Mochify.js ⭐333
β˜•οΈ TDD with Browserify, Mocha, Headless Chrome and WebDriver
Utplsql ⭐326
Testing Framework for PL/SQL
Learn Istanbul ⭐313
🏁 Learn how to use the Istanbul JavaScript Code Coverage Tool
Android Gif Example ⭐309
Gif RecyclerView in MVP using Dagger 2 + Retrofit 2 + Moshi + RxJava 2 + Glide 4 with JUnit and Espresso tests written in Kotlin + Kotlin DSL!
Altcover ⭐281
Cross-platform coverage gathering and processing tool set for .net/.net core and Mono
Istanbul Instrumenter Loader ⭐263
Istanbul Instrumenter Loader
Mosdepth ⭐263
fast BAM/CRAM depth calculation for WGS, exome, or targeted sequencing
Covr ⭐254
Test coverage reports for R
List Of Testing Tools And Frameworks For .net ⭐228
βœ… List of Automated Testing (TDD/BDD/ATDD/SBE) Tools and Frameworks for .NET
Seq2seq Summarizer ⭐225
Pointer-generator reinforced seq2seq summarization in PyTorch
Alsatian ⭐219
TypeScript testing framework with test cases
Axocover ⭐218
Nice and free .NetΒ code coverage support for Visual Studio with OpenCover.
Codecov Node ⭐217
Global coverage report uploader for Codecov in NodeJS
Sonar Golang ⭐215
Sonarqube plugin for the golang language.
Browser Extension ⭐208
Codecov Browser Extension
Ehtrace ⭐202
ATrace is a tool for tracing execution of binaries on Windows.
Example Python ⭐190
Python coverage example
Python Mocket ⭐166
a socket mock framework - for all kinds of socket animals, web-clients included
Sonar Stash ⭐166
Stash (BitBucket) plugin, a pull-request decorator which allows to integrate SonarQube violations directly into your pull-request
Minicover ⭐163
Cross platform code coverage tool for .NET Core
Codecov Bash ⭐161
Global coverage report uploader for Codecov
Deep Cover ⭐161
The best coverage tool for Ruby code
Goleft ⭐152
goleft is a collection of bioinformatics tools distributed under MIT license in a single static binary
D.s.a Leet ⭐144
References and summary for leetcode high-frequency algorithm problems
Covered ⭐144
Bisect_ppx ⭐143
Code coverage for OCaml and Reason
Example Go ⭐142
Go coverage example
Coveragechecker ⭐133
Allows old code to use new standards
Codecov Python ⭐127
Python report uploader for Codecov
Nxplorerjs Microservice Starter ⭐127
Node JS , Typescript , Express based reactive microservice starter project for REST and GraphQL APIs
Openpojo ⭐114
POJO Testing & Identity Management Made Trivial
Single_cov ⭐111
Actionable code coverage.
Gradle Pitest Plugin ⭐109
Gradle plugin for PIT Mutation Testing
Sbt Jacoco ⭐107
JaCoCo Code Coverage plug-in for sbt.
Coveralls Ruby ⭐106
Coveralls for Ruby
Lcov To Cobertura Xml ⭐104
Converts lcov output to Cobertura-compatible XML for CI
Example Swift ⭐95
Codecov: Swift coverage example
Osvvm ⭐94
Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM) Repository
Bashcov ⭐91
Code coverage tool for Bash
Coverage.vim ⭐91
code coverage vim plugin
Devel Cover ⭐86
Code coverage metrics for Perl
Karma Webpack Example ⭐83
Karma + Webpack + Mocha + Chai + Istanbul
React Base ⭐78
atSistemas React/Redux Isomorphic Platform
Sequana ⭐73
Sequana: a set of Snakemake NGS pipelines
Courtney ⭐72
Courtney is a coverage tool for Go
Gradle Clover Plugin ⭐64
Gradle plugin for generating a code coverage report using Clover
Cols Agent Tasks ⭐64
Colin's ALM Corner Custom Build Tasks
Apexunit ⭐63
ApexUnit is a powerful continuous integration tool for the platform
Ddd Tdd Rich Domain Model Dojo Kata ⭐62
Rich Domain with DDD patterns and TDD (.NET Core / Standard)
Dspot ⭐58
Automatically detect and generate missing assertions for Junit test cases (also known as test amplification)
Example Gradle ⭐55
Example Java ⭐51
Java Example
Xcperfect ⭐49
Make your xccov outputs prettier ✨
Piggly ⭐44
PL/pgSQL stored procedure code coverage tool
Example Java Maven ⭐43
Imagecoordinatespace ⭐37
UICoordinateSpace for UIImageView image
Covimerage ⭐37
Generate coverage information for Vim scripts.
Angular2 Webpack Boilerplate ⭐30
A boilerplate for Angular 2 and Webpack
Awesome Open Hardware Verification ⭐23
A List of Free and Open Source Hardware Verification Tools and Frameworks
Coverme ⭐11
Code coverage for Haxe
Sbt Ignore Play Generated ⭐10
Configure linters and coverage tools to ignore Play's generated source files.
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