TinyDB is a lightweight document oriented database optimized for your happiness :)
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5 hours ago35December 14, 2021225otherRust
A scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web
5 hours ago240May 23, 2018810apache-2.0C++
🥑 ArangoDB is a native multi-model database with flexible data models for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions.
Badger12,3157546 hours ago48August 25, 202133apache-2.0Go
Fast key-value DB in Go.
Tinydb5,87355925415 days ago66February 19, 202214mitPython
TinyDB is a lightweight document oriented database optimized for your happiness :)
Orientdb4,598328544 days ago209September 14, 2022266apache-2.0Java
OrientDB is the most versatile DBMS supporting Graph, Document, Reactive, Full-Text and Geospatial models in one Multi-Model product. OrientDB can run distributed (Multi-Master), supports SQL, ACID Transactions, Full-Text indexing and Reactive Queries.
6 hours ago1August 04, 201068otherC#
ACID Document Database
2 years ago26bsd-2-clauseGo
A rudimentary implementation of a basic document (NoSQL) database in Go
Tbls2,335421 days ago31May 28, 202227mitGo
tbls is a CI-Friendly tool for document a database, written in Go.
Marten2,326315618 hours ago185September 04, 202281mitC#
.NET Transactional Document DB and Event Store on PostgreSQL
7 hours ago187apache-2.0Prolog
TerminusDB is a distributed database with a collaboration model
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TinyDB is a lightweight document oriented database optimized for your happiness :) It's written in pure Python and has no external dependencies. The target are small apps that would be blown away by a SQL-DB or an external database server.

TinyDB is:

  • tiny: The current source code has 1800 lines of code (with about 40% documentation) and 1600 lines tests.
  • document oriented: Like MongoDB, you can store any document (represented as dict) in TinyDB.
  • optimized for your happiness: TinyDB is designed to be simple and fun to use by providing a simple and clean API.
  • written in pure Python: TinyDB neither needs an external server (as e.g. PyMongo) nor any dependencies from PyPI.
  • works on Python 3.7+ and PyPy3: TinyDB works on all modern versions of Python and PyPy.
  • powerfully extensible: You can easily extend TinyDB by writing new storages or modify the behaviour of storages with Middlewares.
  • 100% test coverage: No explanation needed.

To dive straight into all the details, head over to the TinyDB docs. You can also discuss everything related to TinyDB like general development, extensions or showcase your TinyDB-based projects on the discussion forum.

Supported Python Versions

TinyDB has been tested with Python 3.7 - 3.11 and PyPy3.

Example Code

>>> from tinydb import TinyDB, Query
>>> db = TinyDB('/path/to/db.json')
>>> db.insert({'int': 1, 'char': 'a'})
>>> db.insert({'int': 1, 'char': 'b'})

Query Language

>>> User = Query()
>>> # Search for a field value
>>> db.search(User.name == 'John')
[{'name': 'John', 'age': 22}, {'name': 'John', 'age': 37}]

>>> # Combine two queries with logical and
>>> db.search((User.name == 'John') & (User.age <= 30))
[{'name': 'John', 'age': 22}]

>>> # Combine two queries with logical or
>>> db.search((User.name == 'John') | (User.name == 'Bob'))
[{'name': 'John', 'age': 22}, {'name': 'John', 'age': 37}, {'name': 'Bob', 'age': 42}]

>>> # Apply transformation to field with `map`
>>> db.search((User.age.map(lambda x: x + x) == 44))
>>> [{'name': 'John', 'age': 22}]

>>> # More possible comparisons:  !=  <  >  <=  >=
>>> # More possible checks: where(...).matches(regex), where(...).test(your_test_func)


>>> table = db.table('name')
>>> table.insert({'value': True})
>>> table.all()
[{'value': True}]

Using Middlewares

>>> from tinydb.storages import JSONStorage
>>> from tinydb.middlewares import CachingMiddleware
>>> db = TinyDB('/path/to/db.json', storage=CachingMiddleware(JSONStorage))


Whether reporting bugs, discussing improvements and new ideas or writing extensions: Contributions to TinyDB are welcome! Here's how to get started:

  1. Check for open issues or open a fresh issue to start a discussion around a feature idea or a bug
  2. Fork the repository on Github, create a new branch off the master branch and start making your changes (known as GitHub Flow)
  3. Write a test which shows that the bug was fixed or that the feature works as expected
  4. Send a pull request and bug the maintainer until it gets merged and published
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