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This is a simple graph database in SQLite, inspired by "SQLite as a document database".


The schema consists of just two structures:

  • Nodes - these are any json objects, with the only constraint being that they each contain a unique id value
  • Edges - these are pairs of node id values, specifying the direction, with an optional json object as connection properties

There are also traversal functions as native SQLite Common Table Expressions which produce lists of identifiers or return all objects along the path:



RESTful API (paid)

The Banrai Simple Doc Store service wraps this database core with an API service (swagger), creating a no-admin database for both documents and graphs.

Importable library (free)

Choose an implementation:

Want to contribute an implementation in your preferred programming language?

The schema and prepared sql statements can be used by programs in any programming language with SQLite bindings.

Pull requests are welcome!

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