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The Top 136 Backup Open Source Projects

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Restic ⭐8,935
Fast, secure, efficient backup program
Bash Snippets ⭐7,429
A collection of small bash scripts for heavy terminal users
Borg ⭐5,661
Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption.
Duplicati ⭐4,600
Store securely encrypted backups in the cloud!
Backup ⭐4,563
Easy full stack backup operations on UNIX-like systems.
Elasticsearch Dump ⭐4,414
Import and export tools for elasticsearch
Laravel Backup ⭐3,676
A package to backup your Laravel app
Velero ⭐3,412
Backup and migrate Kubernetes applications and their persistent volumes
Gmvault ⭐3,244
gmail backup software
Wal E ⭐2,989
Continuous Archiving for Postgres
Across ⭐2,534
Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world
Timeliner ⭐2,032
All your digital life on a single timeline, stored locally
Rsync Time Backup ⭐1,871
Time Machine style backup with rsync.
Andotp ⭐1,697
Open source two-factor authentication for Android
Rsnapshot ⭐1,593
a tool for backing up your data using rsync (if you want to get help, use
Backup Manager ⭐1,432
Database backup manager for dumping to and restoring databases from S3, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, and Rackspace Cloud
Oxidized ⭐1,294
Oxidized is a network device configuration backup tool. It's a RANCID replacement!
Wal G ⭐1,253
Archival and Restoration for Postgres
Checkpoint ⭐1,177
Fast and simple homebrew save manager for 3DS and Switch.
Phpbu ⭐1,072
PHP Backup Utility - Creates and encrypts database and file backups, syncs your backups to other servers or cloud services and assists you monitor your backup process
Tumblthree ⭐884
A Tumblr Blog Backup Application
Unyson ⭐860
A WordPress framework that facilitates the development of WP themes
Backintime ⭐800
Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux
Stash ⭐720
πŸ›… Backup your Kubernetes Stateful Applications
Rdedup ⭐604
Data deduplication engine, supporting optional compression and public key encryption.
Borgmatic ⭐599
Simple, configuration-driven backup software for servers and workstations
Percona Xtrabackup ⭐537
Open source hot backup tool for InnoDB and XtraDB databases
Bareos ⭐530
Main repository with the code for the libraries and daemons
Pgbackrest ⭐518
Reliable PostgreSQL Backup & Restore
Mt Aws Glacier ⭐503
Perl Multithreaded Multipart sync to Amazon Glacier
Shallow Backup ⭐486
Git-integrated backup tool for macOS and Linux devs.
Edizon ⭐446
πŸ’‘ A homebrew save management, editing tool and memory trainer for Horizon (Nintendo Switch)
Rsyncosx ⭐443
A macOS GUI for rsync
Btrbk ⭐395
Tool for creating snapshots and remote backups of btrfs subvolumes
Mgob ⭐388
MongoDB dockerized backup agent. Runs schedule backups with retention, S3 & SFTP upload, notifications, instrumentation with Prometheus and more.
Telegram_backup ⭐382
Java app to download all your telegram data.
Imap Backup ⭐364
Backup GMail (or other IMAP) accounts to disk
Kube Backup ⭐345
πŸ’Ύ Kubernetes resource state sync to git
Wikiteam ⭐319
Tools for downloading and preserving wikis. We archive wikis, from Wikipedia to tiniest wikis. As of 2019, WikiTeam has preserved more than 250,000 wikis.
Photobak ⭐306
Back up your content from Google Photos - DEPRECATED: use Timeliner
Django Smuggler ⭐296
Django Smuggler is a pluggable application for Django Web Framework that helps you to import/export fixtures via the automatically-generated administration interface.
Signal Back ⭐296
Decrypt Signal encrypted backups outside the app
Django Dbbackup ⭐290
Management commands to help backup and restore your project database and media files
Docker Webserver ⭐290
WebServer (MariaDB, PHP-FPM, Nginx) composed from several separate containers linked together
Reshifter ⭐286
Kubernetes cluster state management
Gphotos Sync ⭐276
Google Photos and Albums backup with Google Photos Library API
Auto Gitlab Backup ⭐272
A simple script to backup your Gitlab data. This script will copy the backup archives of your gitlab installation via rsync, or scp. Also, you can copy backups to Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage service.
Gobackup ⭐264
πŸ—„ Simple tool for backup your databases, files to FTP / SCP / S3 storages.
Urbackup_backend ⭐251
UrBackup - Client/Server Open Source Network Backup for Windows, MacOS and Linux
Export Saved Reddit ⭐240
Export saved Reddit posts into a HTML file for import into Google Chrome.
Redditdownloader ⭐237
Scrapes Reddit to download media of your choice. ⭐235
Cloud Native Infrastructure BackUp & RecoveRY
Photos ⭐233
Encrypted, secure, decentralized personal data wallet -- technology behind
Restic Systemd Automatic Backup ⭐212
My restic backup solution using Backblaze B2 storage, systemd timers (or cron) and email notifications on failure.
Elkarbackup ⭐207
Open source backup solution for your network
Pg_probackup ⭐203
Backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL
Consul Backinator ⭐192
Command line Consul backup and restore utility supporting KVs, ACLs and Queries
Little Backup Box ⭐189
Raspberry Pi-based backup device for photographers
Rdiff Backup ⭐187
Zrepl ⭐182
One-stop ZFS backup & replication solution
Duplicacy Autobackup ⭐181
πŸ’Ύ Painless automated backups to multiple storage providers with Docker and duplicacy.
Node Firestore Backup ⭐174
Google Firebase Firestore backup tool
Go Mydumper ⭐171
A multi-threaded MySQL backup and restore tool, faster than mysqldump
Weresync ⭐168
Clones Linux hard drives incrementally or to a smaller drive
Git S3 Push ⭐161
Deploy your git repo to an S3 bucket
Backup And Recovery Howtos ⭐160
Guides to setting up a media storage system, backing it up, and recovering from failures
Mysql Dump ⭐158
MySQL Dump Utility
Dmarchiver ⭐155
A tool to archive the direct messages, images and videos from your private conversations on Twitter
Pg_rman ⭐153
Backup and restore management tool for PostgreSQL
System Tar And Restore ⭐150
Backup and Restore your system using tar or Transfer it with rsync
Node Firestore Import Export ⭐150
Firestore data import and export
Grafcli ⭐149
Grafana CLI for quick and easy dashboards management.
Flares ⭐147
Flares πŸ”₯ is a CloudFlare DNS backup tool
Kirby Autogit ⭐143
β¬’ Saves every change made via Kirby Panel to a Git repository
Linux Timemachine ⭐140
Rsync-based OSX-like time machine for Linux and BSD (and even OSX)
Clickhouse Backup ⭐139
Tool for easy ClickHouse backup and restore with cloud storages support
Jazigo ⭐137
Jazigo is a tool written in Go for retrieving configuration for multiple devices, similar to rancid, fetchconfig, oxidized, Sweet.
Pg_extractor ⭐131
PG Extractor - Advanced PostgreSQL Dump Filter
Ghbackup ⭐130
Embarrassingly simple GitHub backup tool
Aphotomanager ⭐128
Manage local photos on Android: gallery, geotag with photomap, privacy, tags, find, sort, view, copy, send, ... .
Elephant Shed ⭐121
PostgreSQL Management Appliance
Raspibackup ⭐118
Backup and restore your running Raspberry
Rsync Incremental Backup ⭐117
Configurable bash script to send incremental backups of your data to a local or remote target
Mongodb Backup ⭐116
backup data for mongodb for Nodejs
Holland ⭐113
Holland Backup Manager
Nextcloud Backup Restore ⭐112
Bash scripts for backup/restore of Nextcloud
Docker S3 Volume ⭐109
Docker container with a data volume from s3.
Helicopterizer ⭐107
Backup and Restore for Docker Container!
Piadvanced ⭐103
This started as a custom install for my pihole!
Mysqlbkup ⭐100
Lightweight MySQL backup script in BASH
Imapbackup ⭐100
A Python script for incremental backups of IMAP mailboxes
Butler ⭐100
Export/Import Jenkins jobs & plugins πŸ“€
Backup And Bcp For Aws ⭐100
A collection of scripts & tooling that's executed from Lambda to backup your AWS Services such as Route53, EBS, RDS, EFS, etc into a S3 bucket allowing you to sync into Google Cloud for Business Continuity.
Tumblthree ⭐99
A Tumblr Backup Application
Fsarchiver ⭐97
file system archiver for linux
Cylon ⭐97
Updates, maintenance, backups and system checks in a TUI menu driven bash shell script for an Arch based Linux distro
Mysqldump ⭐96
Node Module to Create a Backup from MySQL
Telegram Cli Backup ⭐95
A simple Lua script to backup Telegram messages into a CSV or sqlite database
Backup My Github ⭐95
Clones all your repositories to local machine
Laravel Backup ⭐94
A easy-to-use backup manager for Laravel
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