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Jacoco3,5605503603 days ago33April 05, 2022134otherJava
:microscope: Java Code Coverage Library
9 hours ago19apache-2.0C
The fuzzer afl++ is afl with community patches, qemu 5.1 upgrade, collision-free coverage, enhanced laf-intel & redqueen, AFLfast++ power schedules, MOpt mutators, unicorn_mode, and a lot more!
Coverlet2,674918375 days ago13February 06, 2022144mitC#
Cross platform code coverage for .NET
Istanbuljs8883811,6972 months ago10December 01, 2021134JavaScript
monorepo containing the various nuts and bolts that facilitate istanbul.js test instrumentation
a month ago1March 03, 202191gpl-2.0C++
Code coverage tool for compiled programs, Python and Bash which uses debugging information to collect and report data without special compilation options
3 years ago28apache-2.0C++
Manul is a coverage-guided parallel fuzzer for open-source and blackbox binaries on Windows, Linux and MacOS
3 years ago3apache-2.0C
AFL + DynamoRIO = fuzzing binaries with no source code on Linux
3 years ago2Java
Example multi-module Android project with unit tests, dagger 2, test coverage and others
4 years agoapache-2.0C++
Clang instrumentation module for tracing variable and buffer comparisons in C/C++ and saving the coverage data to .sancov files
Coffee Coverage1424,2699344 years ago37December 14, 201822mitCoffeeScript
Istanbul and JSCoverage-style instrumentation for CoffeeScript files.
Alternatives To Jacoco
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JaCoCo Java Code Coverage Library

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JaCoCo is a free Java code coverage library distributed under the Eclipse Public License. Check the project homepage for downloads, documentation and feedback.

Please use our mailing list for questions regarding JaCoCo which are not already covered by the extensive documentation.

Note: We do not answer general questions in the project's issue tracker. Please use our mailing list for this.

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