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UI framework that uses Skia as a low-level drawing toolkit. It uses the newest features of the C++ Standard library (currently targetting C++17).


SkUI is in a pre-release development phase, and the API is definitely not stable.

Build Status Build status codecov Codacy Badge

Operating System Compiler Supported Notes
Windows Visual Studio 2019 ✔️
Windows VS 2019 Clang/LLVM 8.0+ ✔️
Windows Visual Studio 2017 ✔️
Windows VS 2017 Clang/LLVM 6.0+ ✔️
Windows MinGW-w64 GCC 7.3+ ✔️ Requires usable std::filesystem implementation.
Windows MinGW-w64 Clang 6.0+ ✔️ Requires usable std::filesystem implementation.
Windows Intel C++ 19 Lacks required C++17 features.
Linux GCC 7.3+ ✔️
Linux Clang 6.0+ ✔️
Linux Intel C++ 19 Lacks required C++17 features.
Mac OS X 10.15+ XCode 11.6+ Clang 🔜 Missing implementation of core window/application classes.
Mac OS X 10.15+ Homebrew GCC 7.3+ 🔜 Missing implementation of core window/application classes.
Mac OS X 10.15+ Homebrew Clang 6.0+ 🔜 Missing implementation of core window/application classes.


SkUI is subdivided in several modules which can depend on other modules but shouldn't become a dependency mess:

  • Core: basic functionality, including signals, properties, strings, paths, application, os abstraction...
  • CSS: CSS parser built on top of Boost.Spirit X3.
  • Graphics: graphical functionality such as canvases, contexts, shapes, text, ...
  • GUI: abstraction of platform-specific UI code, including event loops, windows, input, ...
  • OpenGL: abstraction of platform-specific OpenGL initialization code, header differences, ...
  • ...
  • Examples: example programs showing SkUI features
  • Tests: unit tests for various components to ensure correct and expected behaviour now and in the future.

This list will grow (and change) as the library's design takes shape.

How to get started

Clone this repository

git clone

After cloning this repository, make sure the submodules are up to date

cd skui
git submodule update --init --recursive

Create and navigate to a seperate build directory, e.g.

mkdir ../skui-build
cd ../skui-build

Run CMake (here, the ninja build system is used, but any generator should work fine)

cmake ../skui -G Ninja

This step should inform you of any missing dependencies. Then build

cmake --build .

And run the tests to ensure nothing is wrong




  • establish a logical basis for UI functionality, including:
    • signals, properties, strings
    • basic drawing functionality
    • event handling
    • basic UI controls and layout engine
    • Application window and event abstraction
      • Windows
      • Linux
      • OS X
      • ...


  • OS Notification system implementation
    • taskbar icon
    • notifications
    • ...
  • Improve core logic and functionality.
  • OS theming of all controls and windows


  • More application logic (model/views, ...)
  • process handling
  • advanced drawing
  • advanced UI controls, including:
    • scrollbars
    • tables, lists, etc.
  • File I/O systems?
  • Add missing unit tests
  • Add missing documentation
  • ...


  • Stability and features of a basic UI framework
  • Improve platform support
  • Solve all them bugs.
  • Correct all them documentation typos.


  • Supreme world domination through superiour benevolent A.I.

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