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I'm in the process of transferring the entire operating system code to the C language, so the development speed of Cyjon will slow down a bit :)

Cyjon (workname)

A simple, clean, multi-tasking operating system written in pure assembly language for 64-bit processors from the AMD64 family. Only ~64 KiB of size :)


If possible, please run Qemu on GNU/Linux - performance against MS/Windows is overwhelming ;)

Right-clicking on the desktop will open the Menu. To move the window around the screen, hold down the left ALT key.



  • 32 MiB of RAM (for Full HD resolution)
  • keyboard and mouse at PS2 port


  • network controller Intel 82540EM (E1000)

Compilation/Exec (GNU/Linux):

[email protected]:~/Cyjon$ chmod +x
[email protected]:~/Cyjon$ ./
[email protected]:~/Cyjon$ ./

Compilation/Exec (MS/Windows):

C:\Cyjon> make.bat
C:\Cyjon> qemu.bat

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