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This repository hosts homer-app, the the GO webapplication for the HEP/HOMER 7.7+ stack.


If you want to install Homer please refer to the project readme

If you're just interested in using homer-app, download, configure and run the latest release or package.


  • golang 1.13+
  • postgres 11+
  • git 2.7+
  • optional
    • prometheus
    • influxdb
    • loki



To get dependencies and compile the latest homer-app on your system, use the following commands:

make modules
make all

To get dependencies and compile the latest homer-app using a docker builder, use the following command:

make binary
make frontend


Before using the application, configure all database parameters using the example configuration file:


NOTE: The default location for settings and provisioning files is /usr/local/homer


Command Help
./homer-app -h
Custom Config in /etc
./homer-app -webapp-config-path=/etc

The application is able to initialize its database and tables it requires with the following commands:

Create User
./homer-app -create-homer-user -database-root-user=postgres -database-host=localhost -database-root-password=postgres
Show User
./homer-app -show-db-users -database-root-user=postgres -database-host=localhost -database-root-password=postgres
Create Homer DBs
./homer-app -create-config-db -database-root-user=postgres -database-host=localhost -database-root-password=postgres -database-homer-user=homer_user
./homer-app -create-data-db -database-root-user=postgres -database-host=localhost -database-root-password=postgres -database-homer-user=homer_user
Create User permissions
./homer-app -create-homer-role -database-root-user=postgres -database-host=localhost -database-root-password=postgres -database-homer-data=homer_data -database-homer-config=homer_config
Please setup the correct credentials for homer_config and homer_data DB in your webapp_config.json !!!

if your webapp_config.json isn't in the default directory: "/usr/local/homer/etc", use the flag "-webapp-config-path" to correct it. Same have to be applied to all steps there you read settings from "webapp_config.json"

Create Table / Migration - connection data will be read from webapp_config.json
./homer-app -create-table-db-config 


./homer-app -create-table-db-config -webapp-config-path=/etc/webapp_config.json
Populate DB
./homer-app -populate-table-db-config 
Upgrade / Migration - connection data will be read from webapp_config.json
./homer-app -upgrade-table-db-config 
Re- Populate Config DB
./homer-app -populate-table-db-config -force-populate
Re- Populate Config DB for specific table/tables
./homer-app -populate-table-db-config -force-populate -populate-table=mapping_schema -populate-table=user_settings

Swagger APIs


Swagger APIs can be generated from inside the homer-app

To generate swagger.json file run below command insider homer-app

swagger generate spec -m -o ./swagger.json

To Serve swagger.json file run below command

swagger serve -F=swagger swagger.json

DEB, RPM Packages

To build a full package, including the latest frontend code:

make package

The application will deploy to /usr/local/bin with config in /etc

Docker Image

This application is available on dockerhub as sipcapture/webapp To build a full bundle locally, including the latest frontend code:

make docker

For working examples and ready to run recipes see homer7-docker

This project is part of HOMER

License & Copyright

This project is released under the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Made by Humans

This Open-Source project is made possible by actual Humans without corporate sponsors, angels or patreons.
If you use this software in production, please consider supporting its development with contributions or donations


(C) 2008-2020 QXIP BV

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