TiDB is an open-source, cloud-native, distributed, MySQL-Compatible database for elastic scale and real-time analytics. Try AI-powered Chat2Query free at : https://tidbcloud.com/free-trial
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Etcd44,5824,0482,84419 hours ago401May 11, 2023230apache-2.0Go
Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system
Tidb34,9126813721 hours ago1,289April 07, 20224,359apache-2.0Go
TiDB is an open-source, cloud-native, distributed, MySQL-Compatible database for elastic scale and real-time analytics. Try AI-powered Chat2Query free at : https://tidbcloud.com/free-trial
Cockroach27,856502419 hours ago249August 06, 20215,835otherGo
CockroachDB - the open source, cloud-native distributed SQL database.
Surrealdb22,6131619 hours ago10April 02, 2023327otherRust
A scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web
Shardingsphere18,817720 hours ago7June 04, 20201,177apache-2.0Java
Distributed SQL transaction & query engine for data sharding, scaling, encryption, and more - on any database.
Rqlite14,037326 days ago42April 14, 202160mitGo
The lightweight, distributed relational database built on SQLite
19 hours ago240May 23, 2018818apache-2.0C++
🥑 ArangoDB is a native multi-model database with flexible data models for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions.
Awesome Bigdata12,343
2 months ago36mit
A curated list of awesome big data frameworks, ressources and other awesomeness.
3 days ago1December 18, 2019240apache-2.0Java
Apache ZooKeeper
19 hours ago963agpl-3.0C
Distributed PostgreSQL as an extension
Alternatives To Tidb
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TiDB, a distributed SQL database

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What is TiDB?

TiDB (/’taɪdiːbi:/, "Ti" stands for Titanium) is an open-source distributed SQL database that supports Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads. It is MySQL compatible and features horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and high availability.

See what TiDB is capable ONLINE at TiDB Playground.

For more details and latest updates, see TiDB documentation and release notes.

For future plans, see the TiDB roadmap.

Quick start

Start with TiDB Cloud

TiDB Cloud is the fully-managed service of TiDB, currently available on AWS and GCP.

Quickly check out TiDB Cloud with a free trial.

See TiDB Cloud Quick Start Guide.

Start with TiDB

See TiDB Quick Start Guide.

Start developing TiDB

See the Get Started chapter of TiDB Development Guide.


You can join the following groups or channels to discuss or ask questions about TiDB, and to keep yourself informed of the latest TiDB updates:

For support, please contact PingCAP.


The community repository hosts all information about the TiDB community, including how to contribute to TiDB, how the TiDB community is governed, how teams are organized.

Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. You can get started with one of the good first issues or help wanted issues. For more details on typical contribution workflows, see Contribute to TiDB. For more contributing information about where to start, click the contributor icon below.


Every contributor is welcome to claim your contribution swag by filling in and submitting this form.

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Case studies


TiDB architecture


TiDB is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


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