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The Top 58 Raft Open Source Projects

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Etcd 29,816
Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system
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Tikv 6,943
Distributed transactional key-value database, originally created to complement TiDB
Rqlite 5,694
The lightweight, distributed relational database built on SQLite.
Patroni 3,066
A template for PostgreSQL High Availability with ZooKeeper, etcd, or Consul
Dragonboat 2,888
A feature complete and high performance multi-group Raft library in Go.
Raft Zh_cn 2,640
Nebula 2,388
A distributed, fast open-source graph database featuring horizontal scalability and high availability
Braft 1,915
An industrial-grade C++ implementation of RAFT consensus algorithm based on brpc, widely used inside Baidu to build highly-available distributed systems.
Atomix 1,831
A reactive Java framework for building fault-tolerant distributed systems
Sofa Jraft 1,675
A production-grade java implementation of RAFT consensus algorithm.
Summitdb 1,274
In-memory NoSQL database with ACID transactions, Raft consensus, and Redis API
Logcabin 1,242
LogCabin is a distributed storage system built on Raft that provides a small amount of highly replicated, consistent storage. It is a reliable place for other distributed systems to store their core metadata and is helpful in solving cluster management issues.
Bayard 1,212
A full-text search and indexing server written in Rust.
Awesome Consensus 1,135
Awesome list for Paxos and friends
Raft Rs 1,109
Raft distributed consensus algorithm implemented in Rust.
Tidis 1,014
Distributed transactional NoSQL database, Redis protocol compatible using tikv as backend 708
website at
Kingbus 702
A distributed MySQL binlog storage system built on Raft
Blast 687
Blast is a full text search and indexing server, written in Go, built on top of Bleve.
Javaok 679
Hraftd 628
A reference use of Hashicorp's Raft implementation
Raft Java 559
Raft Java implementation which is simple and easy to understand.
Distributed Computing 516
distributed_computing include mapreduce kvstore etc.
Copycat 512
A novel implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm
Finn 504
Fast Raft framework using the Redis protocol for Go
Dissertation 460
Sources for my PhD dissertation on the Raft consensus algorithm
Elasticell 388
Elastic Key-Value Storage With Strong Consistency and Reliability
Pysyncobj 385
A library for replicating your python class between multiple servers, based on raft protocol
Raft 370
Raft Consensus Algorithm
Xenon 366
The MySQL Cluster Autopilot Management with GTID and Raft
Ra 346
A Raft implementation for Erlang and Elixir that strives to be efficient and make it easier to use multiple Raft clusters in a single system.
Godown 340
Distributed, fault-tolerant key-value storage written in go.
Raft 325
An Elixir implementation of the raft consensus protocol
Mushroom 264
Distributed In-Memory Index 分布式内存索引
Raftos 261
Asynchronous replication framework for distributed Python projects
Permazen 253
Language-Natural Persistence Layer for Java
Floyd 238
A raft consensus implementation that is simply and understandable
Nuraft 234
Raft core implementation as a replication library
Actix Raft 230
An implementation of the Raft consensus protocol using the actix Actor framework.
Dotnext 229
Next generation API for .NET
6.824 2017 222
⚡️ 6.824: Distributed Systems (Spring 2017). A course which present abstractions and implementation techniques for engineering distributed systems.
Shineframe 220
Openmessaging Storage Dledger 218
A raft-based java library for building high-available, high-durable, strong-consistent commitlog.
Paxos_raft_protocol 213
Bitraft 194
🎉A Bitcask Distributed Key/Value store using Raft for consensus with a Redis compatible API written in Go.
Sharkstore 165
distributed key - value persisted storage system
Rafty 150
Implementation of RAFT consensus in .NET core
Verdi Raft 131
An implementation of the Raft distributed consensus protocol, verified in Coq using the Verdi framework
Mit 6.824 2018 121
Solutions to mit 6.824 2018
X0 111
Xzero HTTP Application Server
Zatt 106
Python implementation of the Raft algorithm for distributed consensus
Yaraft 98
Yet Another RAFT implementation
Tupl 77
The Unnamed Persistence Library
Bifrost 75
Pure rust building block for distributed systems
Zanredisdb 53
Yet another distributed kvstore support redis data and index. moved to:
Raftlog 39
A Rust implementation of distributed replicated log based on the Raft algorithm
Dister 36
dister(Distribution Cluster)是一款轻量级高性能的分布式集群管理软件,实现了分布式软件架构中的常用核心组件,包括:服务配置管理中心、服务注册与发现、服务健康检查、服务负载均衡。dister的灵感来源于ZooKeeper、Consul、Etcd,它们都实现了类似的分布式组件,但是dister更加的轻量级、低成本、易维护、架构清晰、简单实用、性能高效,这也是dister设计的初衷。
Consensus Yaraft 30
consensus-yaraft is a library for distributed, strong consistent, highly replicated log storage. It's based on yaraft, which is an implementation of the Raft protocol.
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