ClickHouse® is a free analytics DBMS for big data
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8 hours ago699December 16, 20213,331apache-2.0C++
ClickHouse® is a free analytics DBMS for big data
Crate3,69241a day ago13October 25, 2016249apache-2.0Java
CrateDB is a distributed SQL database for storing and analyzing massive amounts of data in real-time. Built on top of Lucene.
3 months ago10mitHTML
Get Best Resources on every Domain here!
Globalstorage5221a year ago66April 08, 201982mitJavaScript
Distributed Data Warehouse 🌍
Doris Website40
19 hours ago9TypeScript
Apache Doris Website
4 years agoJava
Data Science End To End22
4 months agomitJupyter Notebook
A Respository to get you job ready as a Data Scientist
3 years agounlicenseJupyter Notebook
This repository contains the work I've done in my first year along with some study materials which I had collected.
Doris Thirdparty13
12 days agoapache-2.0
Self-managed thirdparty dependencies for Apache Doris
a year agomitJava
An insanely fast and lightweight key value database with json and binary support. Provides insanely fast binary protocol server alongside with simple and robust REST service. One database to to rule them all.
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ClickHouse — open source distributed column-oriented DBMS

ClickHouse® is an open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real-time.

How To Install (Linux, macOS, FreeBSD)

curl | sh

Useful Links

  • Official website has a quick high-level overview of ClickHouse on the main page.
  • ClickHouse Cloud ClickHouse as a service, built by the creators and maintainers.
  • Tutorial shows how to set up and query a small ClickHouse cluster.
  • Documentation provides more in-depth information.
  • YouTube channel has a lot of content about ClickHouse in video format.
  • Slack and Telegram allow chatting with ClickHouse users in real-time.
  • Blog contains various ClickHouse-related articles, as well as announcements and reports about events.
  • Code Browser (Woboq) with syntax highlight and navigation.
  • Code Browser ( with syntax highlight, powered by
  • Contacts can help to get your questions answered if there are any.

Upcoming Events

Also, keep an eye out for upcoming meetups in Amsterdam, Boston, NYC, Beijing, and Toronto. Somewhere else you want us to be? Please feel free to reach out to tyler clickhouse com.

Recent Recordings

  • Recent Meetup Videos: Meetup Playlist Whenever possible recordings of the ClickHouse Community Meetups are edited and presented as individual talks. Current featuring "Modern SQL in 2023", "Fast, Concurrent, and Consistent Asynchronous INSERTS in ClickHouse", and "Full-Text Indices: Design and Experiments"
  • Recording available: v23.4 Release Webinar Faster Parquet Reading, Asynchonous Connections to Reoplicas, Trailing Comma before FROM, extractKeyValuePairs, integrations updates, and so much more! Watch it now!
  • All release webinar recordings: YouTube playlist

Interested in joining ClickHouse and making it your full time job?

We are a globally diverse and distributed team, united behind a common goal of creating industry-leading, real-time analytics. Here, you will have an opportunity to solve some of the most cutting edge technical challenges and have direct ownership of your work and vision. If you are a contributor by nature, a thinker as well as a doer - we’ll definitely click!

Check out our current openings here:

Cant find what you are looking for, but want to let us know you are interested in joining ClickHouse? Email [email protected]!

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