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You SHOULD use instead.

Flask-OAuthlib is an extension to Flask that allows you to interact with remote OAuth enabled applications. On the client site, it is a replacement for Flask-OAuth. But it does more than that, it also helps you to create OAuth providers.

Flask-OAuthlib relies on oauthlib_.

.. _oauthlib:

Sponsored by

If you want to quickly add secure authentication to Flask, feel free to check out Auth0's Python API SDK and free plan at |auth0 image|


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  • Support for OAuth 1.0a, 1.0, 1.1, OAuth2 client
  • Friendly API (same as Flask-OAuth)
  • Direct integration with Flask
  • Basic support for remote method invocation of RESTful APIs
  • Support OAuth1 provider with HMAC and RSA signature
  • Support OAuth2 provider with Bearer token

Security Reporting

If you found security bugs which can not be public, send me email at [email protected]. Attachment with patch is welcome.


Installing flask-oauthlib is simple with pip::

$ pip install Flask-OAuthlib

There is also a development version <>_ on GitHub.


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