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Authentication for the Web.
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Next Auth18,9022122618 hours ago650July 25, 2023303iscTypeScript
Authentication for the Web.
React Native Firebase11,119431562 days ago219July 19, 202347otherJavaScript
🔥 A well-tested feature-rich modular Firebase implementation for React Native. Supports both iOS & Android platforms for all Firebase services.
Nhost7,00625a day ago132July 07, 202395mitTypeScript
The Open Source Firebase Alternative with GraphQL.
Material Kit React4,843
a month ago5mitJavaScript
React Dashboard made with Material UI’s components. Our pro template contains features like TypeScript version, authentication system with Firebase and Auth0 plus many other
Useauth2,5821310 months ago85January 26, 2021141mitTypeScript
The simplest way to add authentication to your React app. Supports various providers.
React Redux Firebase2,543795308 months ago165November 23, 2021173mitJavaScript
Redux bindings for Firebase. Includes React Hooks and Higher Order Components.
React Most Wanted2,4157a month ago98October 18, 202218mitJavaScript
React starter kit with "Most Wanted" application features
Redux Auth Wrapper2,17777847a year ago26March 21, 202125mitJavaScript
A React Higher Order Component (HOC) for handling Authentication and Authorization with Routing and Redux
Pusher Js1,9681,765388a month ago51July 18, 202325mitJavaScript
Pusher Javascript library
Nextjs Auth01,7663212 days ago67August 08, 202314mitTypeScript
Next.js SDK for signing in with Auth0
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Authentication for the Web.

Open Source. Full Stack. Own Your Data.

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Auth.js is a set of open-source packages that are built on Web Standard APIs for authentication in modern applications with any framework on any platform in any JS runtime.

See for our framework-specific libraries, or check out for next-auth (Next.js).


Flexible and easy to use

  • Designed to work with any OAuth service, it supports 2.0+, OIDC
  • Built-in support for many popular sign-in services
  • Email/Passwordless authentication
  • Bring Your Database - or none! - stateless authentication with any backend (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.)
  • Runtime-agnostic, runs anywhere! (Vercel Edge Functions, Node.js, Serverless, etc.)

Own your data

Auth.js can be used with or without a database.

Secure by default

  • Promotes the use of passwordless sign-in mechanisms
  • Designed to be secure by default and encourage best practices for safeguarding user data
  • Uses Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Tokens on POST routes (sign in, sign out)
  • Default cookie policy aims for the most restrictive policy appropriate for each cookie
  • When JSON Web Tokens are used, they are encrypted by default (JWE) with A256GCM
  • Features tab/window syncing and session polling to support short-lived sessions
  • Attempts to implement the latest guidance published by Open Web Application Security Project

Advanced configuration allows you to define your routines to handle controlling what accounts are allowed to sign in, for encoding and decoding JSON Web Tokens and to set custom cookie security policies and session properties, so you can control who can sign in and how often sessions have to be re-validated.


Auth.js libraries are written with type safety in mind. Check out the docs for more information.


If you think you have found a vulnerability (or are not sure) in Auth.js or any of the related packages (i.e. Adapters), we ask you to read our Security Policy to reach out responsibly. Please do not open Pull Requests/Issues/Discussions before consulting with us.


Auth.js is made possible thanks to all of its contributors.


We have an OpenCollective for individuals and companies looking to contribute financially to the project!

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We're open to all community contributions! If you'd like to contribute in any way, please first read our Contributing Guide.



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