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Flask App Builder

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Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask <>_. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.

Extensive configuration of all functionality, easily integrate with normal Flask/Jinja2 development.

  • Documentation: Documentation <>_

  • Mailing list: Google group <!forum/flask-appbuilder>_

  • Chat: Gitter <>_

  • Examples: examples <>_

Checkout installation video on YouTube <>_

Quick how to Demo from the docs <>_ (login has guest/welcome).

Change Log

Versions <>_ for further detail on what changed.

BREAKING CHANGE on 3.0.0 (OAuth)

Major version 3, changed it's OAuth dependency from flask-oauth to authlib, due to this OAuth configuration changed:


.. code-block::

    {'name':'google', 'icon':'fa-google', 'token_key':'access_token',
        'remote_app': {
            'consumer_key':'GOOGLE KEY',
            'consumer_secret':'GOOGLE SECRET',
              'scope': 'email profile'


.. code-block::

    {'name':'google', 'icon':'fa-google', 'token_key':'access_token',
        'remote_app': {
            'client_id':'GOOGLE KEY',
            'client_secret':'GOOGLE SECRET',
              'scope': 'email profile'

Also make sure you change your dependency for flask-oauth to authlib <>_

Fixes, Bugs and contributions

You're welcome to report bugs, propose new features, or even better contribute to this project.

Issues, bugs and new features <>_

Contribute <>_


  • Database
    • SQLAlchemy, multiple database support: sqlite, MySQL, ORACLE, MSSQL, DB2 etc.
    • Partial support for MongoDB using MongoEngine.
    • Multiple database connections support (Vertical partitioning).
    • Easy mixin audit to models (created/changed by user, and timestamps).
  • Security
    • Automatic permissions lookup, based on exposed methods. It will grant all permissions to the Admin Role.
    • Inserts on the Database all the detailed permissions possible on your application.
    • Public (no authentication needed) and Private permissions.
    • Role based permissions.
    • Authentication support for OAuth, OpenID, Database, LDAP and REMOTE_USER environ var.
    • Support for self user registration.
  • Views and Widgets
    • Automatic menu generation.
    • Automatic CRUD generation.
    • Multiple actions on db records.
    • Big variety of filters for your lists.
    • Various view widgets: lists, master-detail, list of thumbnails etc
    • Select2, Datepicker, DateTimePicker
    • Related Select2 fields.
    • Google charts with automatic group by or direct values and filters.
    • AddOn system, write your own and contribute.
    • Automatic CRUD RESTful APIs.
    • Internationalization
    • Integration with flask-jwt-extended extension to protect your endpoints.
    • Metadata for dynamic rendering.
    • Selectable columns and metadata keys.
    • Automatic and configurable data validation.
  • Forms
    • Automatic, Add, Edit and Show from Database Models
    • Labels and descriptions for each field.
    • Automatic base validators from model's definition.
    • Custom validators, extra fields, custom filters for related dropdown lists.
    • Image and File support for upload and database field association. It will handle everything for you.
    • Field sets for Form's (Django style).
  • i18n
    • Support for multi-language via Babel
  • Bootstrap 3.1.1 CSS and js, with Select2 and DatePicker
  • Font-Awesome icons, for menu icons and actions.

Some pictures

Login page (with AUTH_DB)

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Login page (with AUTH_OAUTH)

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List contacts example

.. image:: :width: 480px :target:

List Group example with search

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Group by pie chart

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Direct time chart

.. image:: :width: 480px :target:

Group by time chart

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Projects/Organizations using FAB

If you would like to share your project, or let everyone know that you're using FAB on your organization please submit a PR or send me an email with the details.


  • Superset <>_ - a data exploration platform designed to be visual, intuitive, and interactive

  • Airflow <>_ - a platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows.


  • Miniclip
  • EuroBIC
  • On Beat Digital <>_

Depends on:

  • flask
  • click
  • colorama
  • flask-sqlalchemy
  • flask-login
  • flask-openid
  • flask-wtform
  • flask-Babel

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