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🚀 What is SuperTokens?

SuperTokens is an open core alternative to proprietary login providers like Auth0 or AWS Cognito. We are different because we offer:

  • Open source: SuperTokens can be used for free, forever, with no limits on the number of users.
  • An on-premises deployment so that you control 100% of your user data, using your own database.
  • An end to end solution with login, sign ups, user and session management, without all the complexities of OAuth protocols.
  • Ease of implementation and higher security.
  • Extensibility: Anyone can contribute and make SuperTokens better!


Authentication directly affects UX, dev experience and security of any app. We believe that current solutions are unable to optimise for all three "pillars", leading to a large number of applications hand rolling their own auth. This not only leads to security issues, but is also a massive time drain.

We want to change that - we believe the only way is to provide a solution that has the right level of abstraction, gives you maximum control, is secure, and is simple to use - just like if you build it yourself, from scratch (minus the time to learn, build and maintain).

We also believe in the principle of least vendor lockin. Your having full control of your user's data means that you can switch away from SuperTokens without forcing your existing users to logout, reset their passwords or in the worst case, sign up again.

Features - Click here to see the demo app.

  • Please visit our website to see the list of features.
  • We want to make features as decoupled as possible. This means, you can use SuperTokens for just login, or just session management, or both. In fact, we also offer session management integrations with other login providers like Auth0.


The docs can be seen on our website.

There is more information about SuperTokens on the GitHub wiki section.

🏗️ Architecture

Please find an architecture diagram here

For more information, please visit our GitHub wiki section.

☕ Why Java?

  • ✅ Whilst running Java can seem difficult, we provide the JDK along with the binary / docker image when distributing it. This makes running SuperTokens just like running any other http microservice.
  • ✅ Java has a very mature ecosystem. This implies that third party libraries have been battle tested.
  • ✅ Java's strong type system ensures fewer bugs and easier maintainability. This is especially important when many people are expected to work on the same project.
  • ✅ Our team is most comfortable with Java and hiring for great Java developers is relatively easy as well.

🔥 SuperTokens vs others

Please find a detailed comparison chart on our website

🛠️ Building from source

Please see our wiki for instructions.

👥 Community

If you think this is a project you could use in the future, please 🌟 this repository!

Contributors (across all SuperTokens repositories)

Rishabh Poddar

Advait Ruia

Bhumil Sarvaiya

Joel Coutinho

Rakesh UP

Mufassir Kazi

Nemi Shah

Rohit Bhatia

Madhu Mahadevan

Aidar Nugmanoff

Arnav Dewan



Luiz Soares

Sudipto Ghosh



Vidhyanshu Jain

Domenico Luciani

Enzo Batrov

Eloïse Isautier

Ákos Resch

Chotu Chaudhary

Tomáš Horáček

Sam Bauch

Alexey Tylindus

Gus Fune


Marek Dulowski

Piyushh Bhutoria

Eric Dobbertin

Kyle Dodson

Ralph Lawrence

Christopher Kapic


Mihály Lengyel

Cerino O. Ligutom III


Vasile Catana

👩‍💻 Contributing

Please see the file for instructions.

📝 License

© 2020 SuperTokens Inc and its contributors. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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