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100% pure-Fish test runner.

Fishtape is a Test Anything Protocol compliant test runner for Fish. Use it to test anything: scripts, functions, plugins without ever leaving your favorite shell. Here's the first example to get you started:

@test "has a file" -e ~/.config/fish/

@test "the ultimate question" (math "6 * 7") -eq 42

@test "got root?" $USER = root

Now put that in a fish file and run it with fishtape installed. Behold, the TAP stream!

$ fishtape
TAP version 13
ok 1 has a file
ok 2 the ultimate question
not ok 3 got root?
    operator: =
    expected: root
    actual: jb
    at: ~/fishtape/tests/

# pass 2
# fail 1

See reporting options for alternatives to TAP output.

Each test file runs inside its own shell, so you can modify the global environment without cluttering your session or breaking other tests. If all the tests pass, fishtape exits with 0 or 1 otherwise.


Install with Fisher:

fisher install jorgebucaran/fishtape

Writing Tests

Tests are defined with the @test function. Each test begins with a description, followed by a typical test expression. Refer to the test builtin documentation for operators and usage details.

@test description [actual] operator expected

Operators to combine expressions are not currently supported: -a, -o.

Sometimes you need to test the exit status of running one or more commands and for that, you use command substitutions. Just make sure to suppress stdout to avoid cluttering your test expression.

@test "repo is clean" (git diff-index --quiet @) $status -eq 0

Often you have work that needs to happen before and after tests run like preparing the environment and cleaning up after you're done. The best way to do this is directly in your test file.

set temp (mktemp -d)

cd $temp

@test "a regular file" (touch file) -f file
@test "nothing to see here" -z (read < file)

rm -rf $temp

When comparing multiline output you usually have two options, collapse newlines using echo or collect your input into a single argument with string collect. It's your call.

@test "first six evens" (echo (seq 2 2 12)) = "2 4 6 8 10 12"

@test "one two three" (seq 3 | string collect) = "1

If you want to write to stdout while tests are running, use the @echo function. It's equivalent to echo "# $argv", which prints a TAP comment.

@echo -- strings --

Reporting Options

If you're looking for something fancier than plaintext, here's a list of reporters that you can pipe TAP into.

$ fishtape test/* | tnyan
 8   -_-_-_-__,------,
 0   -_-_-_-__|  /\_/\
 0   -_-_-_-_~|_( ^ .^)
     -_-_-_-_ ""  ""



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