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Braccio CamAI


Low-cost robot arm powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence, perfect for experimenting and DIY projects.

Using an Arduino Braccio robot arm, Raspberry Pi 3 and Google Coral USB Accelerator, it allows you to actively track and follow more that 90 different type of objects autonomously. It is fully integrated in ROS (Robot Operating System) using Moveit or Joint interface, and uses state-of-the-art algorithms for object detection or classification powered by Tensorflow.


Braccio CamAI

Open source code, tutorials, videos and plug-and-play Raspberry Pi images are available.

More information and documentation on:

Questions, issues and contributions are more than welcome : )


Francisco J. Garcia R.


This project is licensed under MIT. See LICENSE file for more details.

This project was based on great previous developments: ros_braccio_urdf and ros_braccio_moveit

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