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Welcome to the CHERAB project.

Please see our documentation for guidance on using the code.


CHERAB is a large code framework consisting of a core package and feature
packages. Users will generally install the core package and the specific
feature packages they need for their work. For example, users working on the
JET tokamak will require the cherab-core package, and the cherab-jet

Unless developing new code for a cherab package, most users should clone the master branch. When developing new features for cherab, the development branch should be used as the base.

All cherab packages are standard python packages and basic installation is achieved with:

python install

This will compile the CHERAB cython extensions and install the package. If you don't have administrator access to install the package, add the --user flag to the above line to install the package under your own user account.

When developing cherab it is usually preferred that the packages be installed in "develop" mode:

python develop

This will cause the original installation folder to be added to the site-package path. Modifications to the code will therefore be visible to python next time the code is imported. The --user flag should be used if you do not have administrative permission for your python installation.

As all the CHERAB packages are dependent on the cherab-core package, this package must be installed first. Note that other packages may have their own inter-dependencies, see the specific package documentation for more information.


The management of the project is divided into Scientific and Technical Project Management. The Scientific management happens through the normal community routes such as JET and MST1 task force meetings, ITPA meetings, etc.

The Technical Management Committee (TMC) is a smaller subset of the community, being responsible for ensuring the integrity and high code quality of CHERAB is maintained. These TMC members would have in-depth knowledge of the code base through a demonstrated history of contributing to the project. The TMC would primarily be responsible for accepting / rejecting merge requests on the basis of code / physics algorithm quality standards.

TMC Members

  • Alys Brett (chairwoman, master account holder, responsible for delegation, UKAEA, UK)
  • Matt Carr (External consultant, diagnostic physics models)
  • Jack Lovell (Oak Ridge, USA)
  • Alex Meakins (External consultant, Architecture, software integrity)
  • Matej Tomes (Compass, IPP, Prague)

Citing The Code

  • Dr Carine Giroud, Dr Alex Meakins, Dr Matthew Carr, Dr Alfonso Baciero, & Mr Corentin Bertrand. (2018, March 23). CHERAB Spectroscopy Modelling Framework (Version v0.1.0). Zenodo.

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