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Gitmux shows git status in your tmux status bar

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  • easy. Install and forget about it
  • minimal. Just shows what you need, when you need it
  • discrete. Get out of your way if current directory is not in a Git tree
  • shell-agnostic. Does not rely on shell-features so works with all of them
  • customizable. Colors, symbols and layout are configurable


Works with all reasonably recent tmux versions (2.1+)


Binary release

Download the latest binary for your platform/architecture and uncompress it.

Homebrew tap (macOS and linux) (amd64 and arm64)

Install the latest version with:

brew tap arl/arl
brew install gitmux


Arch Linux users can download the gitmux, gitmux-bin or gitmux-git AUR package.

From source

Download and install a Go compiler (Go 1.16 or later). Run go install to build and install gitmux:

go install[email protected]

Getting started

If your tmux version supports pane_current_path (tmux v2.1+), just add this line to your .tmux.conf:

set -g status-right '#(gitmux "#{pane_current_path}")'

If your tmux doesn't support pane_current_path then you can use a bash-specific solution to achieve relatively similar behaviour: gitmux will refresh after every shell command you run or when you switch windows, however it won't refresh automatically, nor when switching panes.

Note that tmux v2.1 was released in 2015 so you're probably better off updating to a more recent version anyway .


gitmux output can be customized via a configuration file in YAML format.

This is the default gitmux configuration file, in YAML format:

        branch: ' '
        hashprefix: ':'
        staged: ' '
        conflict: ' '
        modified: ' '
        untracked: ' '
        stashed: ' '
        clear: '#[fg=default]'
        state: '#[fg=red,bold]'
        branch: '#[fg=white,bold]'
        remote: '#[fg=cyan]'
        divergence: '#[fg=default]'
        staged: '#[fg=green,bold]'
        conflict: '#[fg=red,bold]'
        modified: '#[fg=red,bold]'
        untracked: '#[fg=magenta,bold]'
        stashed: '#[fg=cyan,bold]'
        clean: '#[fg=green,bold]'
        insertions: '#[fg=green]'
        deletions: '#[fg=red]'
    layout: [branch, .., remote-branch, divergence, '- ', flags]
        branch_max_len: 0
        branch_trim: right
        hide_clean: false
        swap_divergence: false

First, save the default configuration to a new file:

gitmux -printcfg > $HOME/.gitmux.conf

Modify the line you've added to .tmux.conf, passing the path of the configuration file as argument to gitmux via the -cfg flag

set -g status-right '#(gitmux -cfg $HOME/.gitmux.conf "#{pane_current_path}")'

Open .gitmux.conf and modify it, replacing symbols, styles and layout to suit your needs.

In tmux status bar, gitmux output immediately reflects the changes you make to the configuration.

gitmux configuration is split into 4 sections:

  • symbols: they're just strings of unicode characters
  • styles: tmux format strings
  • layout: list of gitmux layout components, defines the component to show and in their order.
  • options: additional configuration options


The symbols section defines the symbols printed before specific elements of Git status displayed in tmux status string:

        branch: " "    # current branch name.
        hashprefix: ":"  # Git SHA1 hash (in 'detached' state).
        ahead:         # 'ahead count' when local and remote branch diverged.
        behind:        # 'behind count' when local and remote branch diverged.
        staged: " "     # count of files in the staging area.
        conflict: " "   # count of files in conflicts.
        modified: " "   # count of modified files.
        untracked: " "  # count of untracked files.
        stashed: " "    # count of stash entries.
        insertions:     # count of inserted lines (stats section).
        deletions:      # count of deleted lines (stats section).
        clean:          # Shown when the working tree is clean.


Styles are tmux format strings used to specify text colors and attributes of Git status elements. See the STYLES section of tmux man page.

    clear: '#[fg=default]'          # Clear previous style.
    state: '#[fg=red,bold]'         # Special tree state strings such as [rebase], [merge], etc.
    branch: '#[fg=white,bold]'      # Local branch name
    remote: '#[fg=cyan]'            # Remote branch name
    divergence: "#[fg=yellow]"      # 'divergence' counts
    staged: '#[fg=green,bold]'      # 'staged' count
    conflict: '#[fg=red,bold]'      # 'conflicts' count
    modified: '#[fg=red,bold]'      # 'modified' count
    untracked: '#[fg=magenta,bold]' # 'untracked' count
    stashed: '#[fg=cyan,bold]'      # 'stash' count
    insertions: '#[fg=green]'       # 'insertions' count
    deletions: '#[fg=red]'          # 'deletions' count
    clean: '#[fg=green,bold]'       # 'clean' symbol

Layout components

The layout section defines what components gitmux shows and the order in which they appear on tmux status bar.

For example, the default gitmux layout shows is:

layout: [branch, .., remote-branch, divergence, " - ", flags]

It shows, in that order:

  • the local branch name,
  • 2 dots characters ..,
  • the remote branch name
  • the local/remote divergence
  • a - character
  • and finally the flags representing the working tree state

Note that elements only appear when they make sense, for example if local and remote branch are aligned, the divergence string won't show up. Same thing for the remote branch, etc.

But you can anyway choose to never show some components if you wish, or to present them in a different order.

This is the list of the possible keywords for layout:

Layout keywords Description Example
branch local branch name main
remote-branch remote branch name origin/main
divergence divergence local/remote branch, if any 21
remote alias for remote-branch followed by divergence origin/main 21
flags Symbols representing the working tree state 1 1 2
stats Insertions/deletions (lines). Disabled by default 56 21
any string foo Non-keywords are shown as-is hello gitmux

Some example layouts:

  • default layout:
layout: [branch, .., remote-branch, divergence, " - ", flags]
  • some examples layouts:
layout: [branch, divergence, " - ", flags]
layout: [flags, " ", branch]
layout: [branch, "|", flags, "|", stats]

Additional options

This is the list of additional configuration options:

Option Description Default
branch_max_len Maximum displayed length for local and remote branch names 0 (no limit)
branch_trim Trim left or right end of the branch (right or left) right (trailing)
ellipsis Character to show branch name has been truncated ``
hide_clean Hides the clean flag entirely false
swap_divergence Swaps order of behind & ahead upstream counts false


Check the opened and closed issues and don't hesitate to report anything by filing a new one.

Gitmux takes too long to refresh?

In case gitmux takes too long to refresh, try to decrease the value of the status-interval option. A reasonable value is 2 seconds, which you can set in .tmux.conf with:

set -g status-interval 2

Check out tmux man page for more details.


Pull requests are welcome.
For major changes, please open an issue first to open a discussion.

License: MIT

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