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Superset55,3982118 hours ago6April 18, 20231,653apache-2.0TypeScript
Apache Superset is a Data Visualization and Data Exploration Platform
Spark37,2852,39493117 hours ago46May 09, 2021238apache-2.0Scala
Apache Spark - A unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing
Flink22,33426540617 hours ago99October 18, 20231,086apache-2.0Java
Apache Flink
Beam7,2511417 hours ago568November 13, 20234,280apache-2.0Java
Apache Beam is a unified programming model for Batch and Streaming data processing.
21 hours ago99apache-2.0Java
Apache Hive
Ignite4,59015318 hours ago36May 04, 2023708apache-2.0Java
Apache Ignite
Calcite4,122390124a day ago1,714November 07, 2023315apache-2.0Java
Apache Calcite
Flink Training Course2,815
3 years ago17
Flink 中文视频课程(持续更新...)
5 months ago36otherTypeScript
App to easily query, script, and visualize data from every database, file, and API.
Drill1,85023113 days ago23April 19, 202394apache-2.0Java
Apache Drill is a distributed MPP query layer for self describing data
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Apache Flink

Apache Flink is an open source stream processing framework with powerful stream- and batch-processing capabilities.

Learn more about Flink at


  • A streaming-first runtime that supports both batch processing and data streaming programs

  • Elegant and fluent APIs in Java and Scala

  • A runtime that supports very high throughput and low event latency at the same time

  • Support for event time and out-of-order processing in the DataStream API, based on the Dataflow Model

  • Flexible windowing (time, count, sessions, custom triggers) across different time semantics (event time, processing time)

  • Fault-tolerance with exactly-once processing guarantees

  • Natural back-pressure in streaming programs

  • Libraries for Graph processing (batch), Machine Learning (batch), and Complex Event Processing (streaming)

  • Built-in support for iterative programs (BSP) in the DataSet (batch) API

  • Custom memory management for efficient and robust switching between in-memory and out-of-core data processing algorithms

  • Compatibility layers for Apache Hadoop MapReduce

  • Integration with YARN, HDFS, HBase, and other components of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem

Streaming Example

case class WordWithCount(word: String, count: Long)

val text = env.socketTextStream(host, port, '\n')

val windowCounts = text.flatMap { w => w.split("\\s") }
  .map { w => WordWithCount(w, 1) }


Batch Example

case class WordWithCount(word: String, count: Long)

val text = env.readTextFile(path)

val counts = text.flatMap { w => w.split("\\s") }
  .map { w => WordWithCount(w, 1) }


Building Apache Flink from Source

Prerequisites for building Flink:

  • Unix-like environment (we use Linux, Mac OS X, Cygwin, WSL)
  • Git
  • Maven (we require version 3.8.6)
  • Java 8 or 11 (Java 9 or 10 may work)
git clone
cd flink
./mvnw clean package -DskipTests # this will take up to 10 minutes

Flink is now installed in build-target.

Developing Flink

The Flink committers use IntelliJ IDEA to develop the Flink codebase. We recommend IntelliJ IDEA for developing projects that involve Scala code.

Minimal requirements for an IDE are:

  • Support for Java and Scala (also mixed projects)
  • Support for Maven with Java and Scala

IntelliJ IDEA

The IntelliJ IDE supports Maven out of the box and offers a plugin for Scala development.

Check out our Setting up IntelliJ guide for details.

Eclipse Scala IDE

NOTE: From our experience, this setup does not work with Flink due to deficiencies of the old Eclipse version bundled with Scala IDE 3.0.3 or due to version incompatibilities with the bundled Scala version in Scala IDE 4.4.1.

We recommend to use IntelliJ instead (see above)


Don’t hesitate to ask!

Contact the developers and community on the mailing lists if you need any help.

Open an issue if you find a bug in Flink.


The documentation of Apache Flink is located on the website: or in the docs/ directory of the source code.

Fork and Contribute

This is an active open-source project. We are always open to people who want to use the system or contribute to it. Contact us if you are looking for implementation tasks that fit your skills. This article describes how to contribute to Apache Flink.

Externalized Connectors

Most Flink connectors have been externalized to individual repos under the Apache Software Foundation:


Apache Flink is an open source project of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The Apache Flink project originated from the Stratosphere research project.

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