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What is it?

This is the Adventurer's Codex testing framework for UAT tests.

Requirements and setup

Current test coverage supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.


The script requires two paramaters:

  • url
  • web_driver

By default, url is, and web_driver is chrome

Sample usage:

always run in verbose mode and no capture (no params will default to and chrome web_driver)

py.test --verbose --capture=no --usr=username --pwd=password --token=token tests/

with csv report

py.test --verbose --capture=no --usr=username --pwd=password --token=token tests/ --csv tests.csv --csv-columns id,module,name,file,doc,status,message,browser,created_at,duration_formatted

with explicit url and web_driver

py.test --verbose --capture=no --usr=username --pwd=password --token=token --web_driver=chrome --url= tests/

with opera driver

py.test --verbose --capture=no --usr=username --pwd=password --token=token --web_driver=opera --opera_binary_path=/your/driver/path

with specific test file

py.test --verbose --capture=no --usr=username --pwd=password --token=token tests/core/player_tools/

How to contribute

  • fork the repo
  • navigate to the uat_docs folder and find a user story to test (focus is player tools first)
  • add a test to the appropriate test file in tests/player_tools/
  • if no test file exists, make a new test file (be sure that file matches the patter test_*)
  • write the test (be sure to inlcude a print statement of the user story in the test, see other tests for example)
  • mark the test as complete in the uat_docs folder by appending '[complete]' to the end of the user story
  • make a pr
  • thanks for the contribution!
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