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The Top 89 Test Automation Open Source Projects

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Cypress ⭐16,795
Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.
Mockito ⭐9,839
Most popular Mocking framework for unit tests written in Java
Testcafe ⭐7,674
A Node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing.
Rest Assured ⭐4,383
Java DSL for easy testing of REST services
Airtest ⭐3,381
UI Automation Framework for Games and Apps
Awesome Test Automation ⭐3,321
A curated list of awesome test automation frameworks, tools, libraries, and software for different programming languages. Sponsored by
Testcontainers Java ⭐3,221
Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.
Solopi ⭐3,045
SoloPi θ‡ͺεŠ¨εŒ–ζ΅‹θ―•ε·₯ε…·
Karate ⭐2,609
Test Automation Made Simple
Wpt ⭐2,566
Test suites for Web platform specs β€” including WHATWG, W3C, and others
Hitchhiker ⭐2,053
a Restful Api test tool
Gauge ⭐2,007
Light weight cross-platform test automation
Penetration ⭐1,706
渗透 θΆ…ε…¨ι’ηš„ζΈ—ι€θ΅„ζ–™πŸ’― εŒ…ε«οΌš0day,xss,sql注ε…₯οΌŒζζƒβ€¦β€¦
Strest ⭐1,671
⚑️ CI-ready tests for REST APIs configured in YAML
Winappdriver ⭐1,473
Windows Application Driver
Mountebank ⭐1,344
Over the wire test doubles
Atx ⭐1,336
Smart phone automation tool. Support iOS, Android, WebApp and game.
Stryker ⭐1,234
Mutation testing for JavaScript and friends
Ltp ⭐1,151
Linux Test Project
Seleniumbase ⭐1,144
βœ… Easy Web Automation and Testing with Python.
Poco ⭐903
A cross-engine test automation framework based on UI inspection
Php Vcr ⭐887
Record your test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for fast, deterministic, accurate tests.
Green ⭐632
Green is a clean, colorful, fast python test runner.
Tavern ⭐543
A command-line tool and Python library and Pytest plugin for automated testing of RESTful APIs, with a simple, concise and flexible YAML-based syntax
Carina ⭐444
Carina automation framework: Web, Mobile, API, DB
Spring Testing ⭐379
A Spring Boot application with lots of sample tests
Grunt Mocha ⭐372
[MOVED] Grunt task for running mocha specs in a headless browser (PhantomJS)
Mobly ⭐338
E2E test framework for tests with complex environment requirements.
Es Check ⭐334
Checks the version of ES in JavaScript files with simple shell commands πŸ†
Tbuiautotest ⭐298
Generating UI test label automatically for iOS.
Arquillian Core ⭐295
Arquillian provides a component model for integration tests, which includes dependency injection and container life cycle management. Instead of managing a runtime in your test, Arquillian brings your test to the runtime.
Qtaf ⭐293
QTA test framework
Hamkrest ⭐283
Hamcrest for Kotlin
Tlsfuzzer ⭐280
SSL and TLS protocol test suite and fuzzer
Atata ⭐271
C#/.NET test automation framework for web
Jgiven ⭐267
Behavior-Driven Development in plain Java
Qt4a ⭐237
QTA driver for Android app
Hadoop Mini Clusters ⭐234
hadoop-mini-clusters provides an easy way to test Hadoop projects directly in your IDE
Cdp4j ⭐232
cdp4j - Chrome DevTools Protocol for Java
Doraemon ⭐200
Regressor ⭐199
Generate specs for your rails application the easy way. Regressor generates model and controller specs based on validations, associations, enums, database, routes, callbacks. Use regressor to capture your rails application behaviour.
Tork ⭐186
πŸ’ž Tests your Ruby code, in parallel, as you change it
Ocaramba ⭐176
C# Framework to automate tests using Selenium WebDriver
Openqa ⭐173
openQA web-frontend, scheduler and tools.
Mockito Scala ⭐164
Mockito for Scala language
Werdlists ⭐162
⌨️ Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases
Argus Eyes ⭐159
A lightweight commandline tool for visual regression testing of UI components.
Qt4i ⭐159
QTA driver for iOS app
Nosmoke ⭐158
A cross platform UI crawler which scans view trees then generate and execute UI test cases.
Recheck Web ⭐157
recheck for web apps – change comparison tool with local Golden Masters, Git-like ignore syntax and "Unbreakable Selenium" tests.
Fuzzinator ⭐153
Fuzzinator Random Testing Framework
Entr ⭐153
A utility for running arbitrary commands when files change
Git Test ⭐150
test your commits
Selenium_extensions ⭐143
Tools that will make writing tests, bots and scrapers using Selenium much easier
Botium Core ⭐132
The Selenium for Chatbots
Awesome Robotframework ⭐131
A curated list of awesome Robot Framework resources and libraries
Grunt Drupal Tasks ⭐128
Grunt-based build and testing tasks for Drupal
Stb Tester ⭐127
Automated Testing for Set-Top Boxes and Smart TVs
Grammarinator ⭐122
ANTLR v4 grammar-based test generator
Gabbi ⭐121
Declarative HTTP Testing for Python and anything else
Ztest ⭐120
Swagger_meqa ⭐117
Auto generate and run tests using swagger/OpenAPI spec, no coding needed
Element ⭐117
πŸ’¦Load test your app using real web browsers
Arquillian Cube ⭐104
Control (docker, kubernetes, openshift) containers in your tests with ease!
Igniteui Cli ⭐101
Ignite UI Command-Line Interface by Infragistics
Selenium Cucumber Js ⭐96
Browser automation framework written in pure JavaScript using official selenium-webdriver and cucumber-js
Vbot ⭐93
JSON based visual regression testing library. Liberate creativity, minimize repeated works ✌️
Os Autoinst ⭐92
OS-level test automation
Beanmother ⭐90
A library for setting up Java objects as test data.
Test Each ⭐89
πŸ€– Repeat tests. Repeat tests. Repeat tests.
Cucable Plugin ⭐83
Maven plugin that simplifies running Cucumber Scenarios in parallel.
Stryker4s ⭐83
Mutation testing for Scala. Work in progress...
Cucumberjvmexamples ⭐80
Cucumber JVM with Selenium Java
Pysipp ⭐79
SIPp for Humans - launch multiple agents with Python
System_tester ⭐73
A Development Tool for creating and managing system tests for Ruby on Rails >= 5.1 Applications
Automation Arsenal ⭐73
Curated list of popular Java and Kotlin frameworks, libraries and tools related to software testing, quality assurance and adjacent processes automation.
Checkssl ⭐67
checks ssl certs for a set of domains
Gauge Js ⭐64
JavaScript language plugin for Gauge
Dspot ⭐58
Automatically detect and generate missing assertions for Junit test cases (also known as test amplification)
Meissa ⭐55
Cross-platform Distributed Test Runner. Executes tests in parallel, time balanced on multiple machines. ⭐54
A Kotlin-based testing/scraping/parsing library providing the ability to analyze and extract data from HTML (server & client-side rendered). It places particular emphasis on ease of use and a high level of readability by providing an intuitive DSL. First and foremost it aims to be a testing lib, but it can also be used to scrape websites in a convenient fashion.
Qtools ⭐50
QTools collection of open source tools for embedded systems development on Windows, Linux and MacOS
Powerslim ⭐47
Fitnesse Slim implementation in PowerShell. PowerSlim makes it possible to use PowerShell in the acceptance testing
Arquillian Extension Drone ⭐46
Arquillian Drone provides a simple way to write functional tests for web apps. Drone brings the power of WebDriver into the Arquillian, and the power of Arquillian to WebDriver.
Zazkia ⭐45
tcp proxy to simulate connection problems ⭐38
The .NET ObjectFiller fills the properties of your .NET objects with random data
Mobileautomationframework ⭐37
Single code base framework to test android and iOS app using appium (v6.1.0), maven, testng,java. Option to start appium server programmatically.
Testlogcollectors ⭐30
A framework for capturing log statements during tests. Compatible with most popular logging frameworks. Works with JUnit and TestNG
Karma Edge Launcher ⭐14
A Karma plugin. Launcher for Microsoft Edge.
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