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Chaos Injection for AWS resources using Amazon SSM Run Command and Automation

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Collection of SSM Documents.

These documents let you perform chaos engineering experiments on resources (applications, network, and infrastructure) in the AWS Cloud.

SSM Automation documents:

To use SSM Automation, check the link

  • Support for (randomly) stopping EC2 instances via API
  • Support for (randomly) stopping EC2 instances via AWS Lambda
  • Support for (randomly) terminating EC2 instances via API
  • Support for detaching EBS volumes from EC2 instances via API (ec2, ebs)
  • Support for rebooting RDS instance with proper tags via API
  • Support for CPU stress scenario via Run Command

Upload an SSM Automation document:

aws ssm create-document --name "StopRandomInstances-API" --content file://stop-random-instance-api.yml --document-type "Automation" --document-format YAML

SSM Run Command documents:

To use SSM Run Command, please check this link

Support Canceling & Rollback (10s max)

  • Support for latency injection using latency-stress.yml
  • Support for latency with delta stress using latency-delta-stress.yml
  • Support for CPU burn using cpu-stress.yml
  • Support for IO stress using io-stress.yml
  • Support for memory stress using memory-stress.yml
  • Support for network stress using network-corruption-stress.yml
  • Support for packet Loss stress using network-loss-stress.yml
  • Support for killing a process by name using kill-process.yml
  • Support for diskspace stress using diskspace-stress.yml


  • Support for configurable blackhole stress using blackhole-stress.yml
  • Support for blackhole S3 stress using blackhole-s3-stress.yml
  • Support for blackhole DynamoDB stress using blackhole-dynamo-stress.yml
  • Support for blackhole EC2 stress using blackhole-ec2-stress.yml
  • Support for blackhole DNS stress using blackhole-dns-stress.yml
  • Support for latency injection to a particular AWS service latency-service-stress.yml


Upload one document at a time

cd chaos-ssm-documents/automation

aws ssm create-document --content file://cpu-stress.yml --name "cpu-stress" --document-type "Command" --document-format YAML

Upload all of the SSM Documents to the AWS region of your choice

cd chaos-ssm-documents/run-command

./ -r eu-west-1 (or other region of your choice)

Upload all of the SSM Documents using CloudFormation

cd chaos-ssm-documents/

run-command/ run-command/ | tee cfn-chaos-ssm.yml

aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name ChaosSsm --template-body file://cfn-chaos-ssm.yml

Specify AWS region using AWS CLI --region argument.

Once deployed, the stack cannot be updated. Remove existing stack and re-deploy to apply changes.


  • To begin with, DO NOT use these chaos injection commands in production blindly!!
  • Always review the SSM documents and the commands in them.
  • Make sure your first chaos injections are done in a test environment and on test instances where no real and paying customer can be affected.
  • Test, test, and test more. Remember that chaos engineering is about breaking things in a controlled environment and through well-planned experiments to build confidence in your application — and you own tools — to withstand turbulent conditions.

One-click Deploy via CloudFormation

Region Launch Stack
US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1 Launch Stack
US East (Ohio) us-east-2 Launch Stack
US West (N. California) us-west-1 Launch Stack
US West (Oregon) us-west-2 Launch Stack
Canada (Central) ca-central-1 Launch Stack
Africa (Cape Town) af-south-1 Launch Stack
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) ap-east-1 Launch Stack
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) ap-south-1 Launch Stack
Asia Pacific (Seoul) ap-northeast-2 Launch Stack
Asia Pacific (Singapore) ap-southeast-1 Launch Stack
Asia Pacific (Sydney) ap-southeast-2 Launch Stack
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1 Launch Stack
Europe (Frankfurt) eu-central-1 Launch Stack
Europe (Ireland) eu-west-1 Launch Stack
Europe (London) eu-west-2 Launch Stack
Europe (Paris) eu-west-3 Launch Stack
Europe (Stockholm) eu-north-1 Launch Stack
Middle East (Bahrain) me-south-1 Launch Stack
South America (São Paulo) sa-east-1 Launch Stack

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