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A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes.
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a month ago1June 21, 202214apache-2.0Go
Chaos Monkey is a resiliency tool that helps applications tolerate random instance failures.
Chaos Mesh5,5765a day ago88April 24, 2021324apache-2.0Go
A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes.
Chaosblade5,206314 days ago26September 06, 2022236apache-2.0Go
An easy to use and powerful chaos engineering experiment toolkit.(阿里巴巴开源的一款简单易用、功能强大的混沌实验注入工具)
Litmus3,559121 hours ago7April 25, 2021284apache-2.0HTML
Litmus helps SREs and developers practice chaos engineering in a Cloud-native way. Chaos experiments are published at the ChaosHub ( Community notes is at
a month ago10September 18, 202030apache-2.0Go
Chaos testing, network emulation, and stress testing tool for containers
5 months ago11August 29, 202219apache-2.0JavaScript
Debugging tool for Kubernetes which tests and displays connectivity between nodes in the cluster.
13 days ago88May 09, 202228mitGo
chaoskube periodically kills random pods in your Kubernetes cluster.
9 days ago3apache-2.0JavaScript
Gamified Chaos Engineering Tool for Kubernetes
3 years agomitGo
Kills half of your randomly selected kubernetes pods.
Chaostoolkit Kubernetes177
24 days ago39apache-2.0Python
Kubernetes driver extension of the Chaos Toolkit probes and actions API
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Chaos Mesh is an open source cloud-native Chaos Engineering platform. It offers various types of fault simulation and has an enormous capability to orchestrate fault scenarios.

Using Chaos Mesh, you can conveniently simulate various abnormalities that might occur in reality during the development, testing, and production environments and find potential problems in the system. To lower the threshold for a Chaos Engineering project, Chaos Mesh provides you with a visualization operation. You can easily design your Chaos scenarios on the Web UI and monitor the status of Chaos experiments.

cncf_logo cncf_logo

Chaos Mesh is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) incubating project. If you are an organization that wants to help shape the evolution of technologies that are container-packaged, dynamically-scheduled and microservices-oriented, consider joining the CNCF. For details about who's involved and how Chaos Mesh plays a role, read the CNCF announcement.

At the current stage, Chaos Mesh has the following components:

  • Chaos Operator: the core component for chaos orchestration. Fully open sourced.
  • Chaos Dashboard: a Web UI for managing, designing, monitoring Chaos Experiments.

See the following demo video for a quick view of Chaos Mesh:

Watch the video

Chaos Operator

Chaos Operator injects chaos into the applications and Kubernetes infrastructure in a manageable way, which provides easy, custom definitions for chaos experiments and automatic orchestration. There are three components at play:

Controller-manager: used to schedule and manage the lifecycle of CRD objects.

Chaos-daemon: runs as daemonset with privileged system permissions over network, Cgroup, etc. for a specific node.

Chaos Operator

Chaos Operator uses CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) to define chaos objects. The current implementation supports a few types of CRD objects for fault injection, namely DNSChaos, PodChaos, PodIOChaos, PodNetworkChaos, NetworkChaos, IOChaos, TimeChaos, StressChaos, and KernelChaos, which correspond to the following major actions (experiments):

  • pod-kill: The selected pod is killed (ReplicaSet or something similar may be needed to ensure the pod will be restarted).
  • pod-failure: The selected pod will be unavailable in a specified period of time.
  • container-kill: The selected container is killed in the selected pod.
  • netem chaos: Network chaos such as delay, duplication, etc.
  • network-partition: Simulate network partition.
  • IO chaos: Simulate file system faults such as I/O delay, read/write errors, etc.
  • time chaos: The selected pod will be injected with clock skew.
  • cpu-burn: Simulate the CPU of the selected pod stress.
  • memory-burn: Simulate the memory of the selected pod stress.
  • kernel chaos: The selected pod will be injected with (slab, bio, etc) errors.
  • dns chaos: The selected pod will be injected with dns errors, such as error, random.

Quick start

See Chaos Mesh Docs.




Blogs on Chaos Mesh design & implementation, features, chaos engineering, community updates, etc. See Chaos Mesh Blogs. Here are some recommended ones for you to start with:


See the contributing guide and development guide.


Please reach out for bugs, feature requests, and other issues via:

  • Following us on Twitter @chaos_mesh.

  • Joining the #project-chaos-mesh channel in the CNCF Slack workspace.

  • Filing an issue or opening a PR against this repository.

Community meetings

  • Chaos Mesh Community Monthly (Community and project-level updates, community sharing/demo, office hours)

  • Chaos Mesh Development Meeting (Releases, roadmap/features/RFC planning and discussion, issue triage/discussion, etc)

Community blogs

Community talks

Media coverage


See FAQs.




Chaos Mesh is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

FOSSA Status


Chaos Mesh is a trademark of The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.

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