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Selenium WebDriver Course for March 2021 Online Learners

This is public repository for Selenium Learners at TestLeaf.

Week1 - Core Java Basics

  • How Java works?
  • Introduction to Class, Members of Class - Methods, Variables
  • Get started with Primitive Data Types
  • Declaration and assignment variables
  • Operators (Arithmetic and Comparison)
  • Anatomy of if, if-else statements
  • Anatomy of loops - for, foreach, while, do while
  • Introduction to String class and its methods
  • Get started with Arrays
  • Solving basic String and Array Problems

Week 2 - Get Started with Selenium WebDriver

  • How Selenium Works Internally?
  • Basic code to launch browser, load URL, Set timeouts and Maximize browser
  • 8 old locators and its strategy of when to use and when not to use
  • Browser Methods like get, findElement(s), close, manage, getTitle etc
  • WebElement Methods like clear, sendKeys, click, getText, getAttibute etc
  • Exceptions - NoSuchElement, StaleElementReference etc
  • How to handle dropdowns, checkbox, radiobutton, web table / calendar etc?
  • XPath build syntax and patters - Absolute, Relative (Attribute, Text) with Exact and Partial matches
  • XPath Patterns - Axes, Collection based indices, Functions
  • Implicit and Explicit Waits
  • Webdriver Snapshot methods for visible area and webelement - Base64 and File
  • Assignments Review

Week 3 - Java OOPS, Collection and WebDriverWait

  • Java OOPS pillars
  • Abstraction - Java Concept, Real time example and Selenium Implementation
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation
  • WebDriverWait, Expectedconditions, TimeOutExceptions
  • RedBus automation example with Disable Notification, Click Intercepted Exception
  • Java Collection - List, Set, Map
  • Problem Solving - Duplicate values in array, Unique characters in String, Count of characters and Two Sum
  • Assignment Review

Week 4 - Target Locators and Actions

  • SwitchTo - RemoteTargetLocator
  • Alert - accept, dismiss, getText, sendKeys, Exceptions
  • Frame - method overloading (int,String, WebElement), Exception
  • DefaultContent, ParentFrame - Switch back from frame
  • Window - getWindowHandles, getWindowHandle, Exception
  • Switch to Window Options - Set to List, Iterator
  • close vs quit
  • ActiveElement & New Window feature in Selenium 4.0
  • Actions class methods - dragAndDrop, dragAndDropBy, moveToElement, pause, perform
  • Other Actions class - clickAndHold, keyDown, release
  • Exception Handling - try/catch, throw, throws, finally
  • End to End testcase for retail website

Week 5 - TestNg (Test Runner Framework)

  • TestNg Basics
  • Annotations and its hierarchy
  • TestNg XML design
  • @Test Annotation and its attributes
  • Dependency Injection
  • Test Report using TestNg
  • Parameterization - @Parameter and @DataProvider
  • Read Excel using Apache POI Java API
  • Integrate excel data automation with TestNg (Apache POI + Data Provider)
  • Build OOPS concepts into TestNg implementation
  • Convert existing plain testcases to TestNg implementation
  • Run sequential, parallel - with logs and reports
  • Listeners - ISuite, ITest and Retry Implementations

Week 6 - Cucumber Basics to Advanced (BDD Framework)

  • Cucumber and BDD, TDD Basics
  • Create Feature File with simple scenario
  • Cucumber - Gherkin Keywords
  • Integration with Step Definitions
  • Scenario Outline with Examples and with Background
  • CucumberOptions - Glue, MonoChrome, Report, Hooks
  • Create Runner File with TestNG
  • Cucumber Hooks and Java OOPS integration
  • Convert existing TestNg testcases to BDD implemntation
  • Run Feature files from TestNg XML

Week 7 - Pattern Object Model Design Pattern and Framework

  • Page Object Model design rules
  • Pattern Object model - Page Inheritance
  • Build Page Classes (without Page Factory)
  • Build DataProvider utility classes
  • Build the testcases as runner classes
  • Design the TestNg XML with verbose
  • Debug and execute the testcases for different data

Week 8 - Hybrid framework with Thread-Local

  • ThreadLocal Implementation for Driver, Reports

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