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Python Skype OSINT util

This tool allows you to retrieve the Skype ID from an e-mail address but also the LAN IP from the Skype ID. More to come in the next few days. Feel free if you also want to contribute


Install Spider Monkey, then:

Clone the repo:

git clone [email protected]:PaulSec/skype-osint.git

Then checkout the file:

from SkypeOsintAPI import *

api = SkypeOSINTAPI(True)
res = api.email_to_skype_id('[email protected]')

if res:
    print "Username(s) found: {0}".format(res)
    for username in res:
        print api.skype_id_to_lan_ip(username)


Feel free if you find any bug or want to add any other feature. Glad if you want to contribute to this project. You can also ping me on Twitter @PaulWebSec

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