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Sherlock ⭐10,072
🔎 Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks
Photon ⭐6,178
Incredibly fast crawler designed for OSINT.
Trape ⭐4,565
People tracker on the Internet: OSINT analysis and research tool by Jose Pino
Gitrob ⭐4,274
Reconnaissance tool for GitHub organizations
Awesome Osint ⭐3,989
😱 A curated list of amazingly awesome OSINT
Pentesting Bible ⭐3,834
This repository was created and developed by Ammar Amer @cry__pto Only. Updates to this repository will continue to arrive until the number of links reaches 10000 links & 10000 pdf files .Learn Ethical Hacking and penetration testing .hundreds of ethical hacking & penetration testing & red team & cyber security & computer science resources.
Theharvester ⭐3,362
E-mails, subdomains and names Harvester - OSINT
Sn1per ⭐3,227
Automated pentest framework for offensive security experts
Twint ⭐3,197
An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python that doesn't use Twitter's API, allowing you to scrape a user's followers, following, Tweets and more while evading most API limitations.
Aquatone ⭐3,164
A Tool for Domain Flyovers
Spiderfoot ⭐2,556
SpiderFoot, the most complete OSINT collection and reconnaissance tool.
Amass ⭐2,552
In-depth Attack Surface Mapping and Asset Discovery
Dnstwist ⭐2,156
Domain name permutation engine for detecting typo squatting, phishing and corporate espionage
Subfinder ⭐2,086
Subfinder is a subdomain discovery tool that discovers valid subdomains for websites. Designed as a passive framework to be useful for bug bounties and safe for penetration testing.
Osmedeus ⭐2,053
Fully automated offensive security framework for reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning
Discover ⭐1,820
Custom bash scripts used to automate various penetration testing tasks including recon, scanning, parsing, and creating malicious payloads and listeners with Metasploit.
Shhgit ⭐1,754
Ah shhgit! Find GitHub secrets in real time
Ivre ⭐1,692
Network recon framework.
Raccoon ⭐1,662
A high performance offensive security tool for reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning
Osint Framework ⭐1,467
OSINT Framework
Singlefile ⭐1,386
Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of a complete web page as a single HTML file
Xray ⭐1,331
XRay is a tool for recon, mapping and OSINT gathering from public networks.
Tinfoleak ⭐1,262
The most complete open-source tool for Twitter intelligence analysis
Instaloader ⭐1,210
Download pictures (or videos) along with their captions and other metadata from Instagram.
Phoneinfoga ⭐1,208
Advanced information gathering & OSINT tool for phone numbers
Oneforall ⭐1,080
Phishing_catcher ⭐1,009
Phishing catcher using Certstream
Tidos Framework ⭐982
The Offensive Manual Web Application Penetration Testing Framework.
Aleph ⭐960
Search and browse documents and data; find the people and companies you look for.
Opencti ⭐935
Open Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform
H8mail ⭐800
Password Breach Hunting & Email OSINT tool, locally or using premium services. Supports chasing down related email
Awesome Social Engineering ⭐798
A curated list of awesome social engineering resources.
Gitgot ⭐795
Semi-automated, feedback-driven tool to rapidly search through troves of public data on GitHub for sensitive secrets.
Intrigue Core ⭐725
Discover Your Attack Surface
Gitgraber ⭐691
gitGraber: monitor GitHub to search and find sensitive data in real time for different online services such as: Google, Amazon, Paypal, Github, Mailgun, Facebook, Twitter, Heroku, Stripe...
Awesome Asset Discovery ⭐672
List of Awesome Asset Discovery Resources
Blackwidow ⭐604
A Python based web application scanner to gather OSINT and fuzz for OWASP vulnerabilities on a target website.
Pwnedornot ⭐603
OSINT Tool for Finding Passwords of Compromised Email Addresses
Infoga ⭐571
Infoga - Email OSINT
Harpoon ⭐542
CLI tool for open source and threat intelligence
Digital Privacy ⭐538
Sn0int ⭐517
Semi-automatic OSINT framework and package manager
Powerful Plugins ⭐491
Powerful plugins and add-ons for hackers
Bugcrowd Levelup Subdomain Enumeration ⭐440
This repository contains all the material from the talk "Esoteric sub-domain enumeration techniques" given at Bugcrowd LevelUp 2017 virtual conference
Osint_collection ⭐430
Maintained collection of OSINT related resources. (All Free & Actionable)
Operative Framework ⭐403
operative framework is a OSINT investigation framework, you can interact with multiple targets, execute multiple modules, create links with target, export rapport to PDF file, add note to target or results, interact with RESTFul API, write your own modules.
Odin ⭐394
Automated network asset, email, and social media profile discovery and cataloguing.
Fav Up ⭐394
IP lookup from favicon using Shodan
Torbot ⭐393
Dark Web OSINT Tool
Osrframework ⭐363
OSRFramework, the Open Sources Research Framework is a AGPLv3+ project by i3visio focused on providing API and tools to perform more accurate online researches.
Belati ⭐356
The Traditional Swiss Army Knife for OSINT
Goohak ⭐337
Automatically Launch Google Hacking Queries Against A Target Domain
Linkedin2username ⭐334
OSINT Tool: Generate username lists for companies on LinkedIn
Gosint ⭐330
OSINT Swiss Army Knife
Censys Subdomain Finder ⭐322
⚡ Perform subdomain enumeration using the certificate transparency logs from Censys.
Gasmask ⭐321
Information gathering tool - OSINT
Birdwatcher ⭐313
Data analysis and OSINT framework for Twitter
Mesh Networking ⭐311
🌐 LEGO blocks for networking, a Python library to help create and test flexible network topologies across real and simulated physical links.
Pagodo ⭐309
pagodo (Passive Google Dork) - Automate Google Hacking Database scraping
Zen ⭐299
Find emails of Github users
Urlextractor ⭐298
Information gathering & website reconnaissance |
Whatbreach ⭐296
OSINT tool to find breached emails, databases, pastes, and relevant information
Enterprise Security Skill ⭐294
Osint_team_links ⭐291
Links for the OSINT Team
Namechk ⭐290
Osint tool based on for checking usernames on more than 100 websites, forums and social networks.
Vault ⭐276
swiss army knife for hackers
Mitaka ⭐271
A browser extension for OSINT search
Finalrecon ⭐267
OSINT Tool for All-In-One Web Reconnaissance
Threatingestor ⭐262
Extract and aggregate threat intelligence.
Instagramosint ⭐252
An Instagram Open Source Intelligence Tool
Aiodnsbrute ⭐248
Python 3.5+ DNS asynchronous brute force utility
Goca ⭐239
Goca Scanner
Hosthunter ⭐237
HostHunter a recon tool for discovering hostnames using OSINT techniques.
The Endorser ⭐234
An OSINT tool that allows you to draw out relationships between people on LinkedIn via endorsements/skills.
Socialscan ⭐232
Check email address and username availability on online platforms with 100% accuracy
Threatpinchlookup ⭐221
Documentation and Sharing Repository for ThreatPinch Lookup Chrome & Firefox Extension
Python Iocextract ⭐220
Defanged Indicator of Compromise (IOC) Extractor.
Buster ⭐216
An advanced tool for email reconnaissance
Dorknet ⭐214
Selenium powered Python script to automate searching for vulnerable web apps.
Omnibus ⭐214
The OSINT Omnibus (beta release) ⭐212
Extracting URLs of a specific target based on the results of ""
Scavenger ⭐200
Crawler (Bot) searching for credential leaks on different paste sites.
Orbit ⭐198
Blockchain Transactions Investigation Tool
Email2phonenumber ⭐195
A OSINT tool to obtain a target's phone number just by having his email address
Autosqli ⭐192
An automatic SQL Injection tool which takes advantage of ~DorkNet~ Googler, Ddgr, WhatWaf and sqlmap.
Pwnback ⭐191
Burp Extender plugin that generates a sitemap of a website using Wayback Machine
Leakscraper ⭐182
LeakScraper is an efficient set of tools to process and visualize huge text files containing credentials. Theses tools are designed to help penetration testers and redteamers doing OSINT by gathering credentials belonging to their target.
Iposint ⭐182
⚠️WARNING: This project now become part of project
Gitem ⭐179
A Github organization reconnaissance tool.
Reconspider ⭐176
🔎 Most Advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Framework for scanning IP Address, Emails, Websites, Organizations. ⭐174
An OSINT tool to find contacts in order to report security vulnerabilities.
Pdlist ⭐172
A passive subdomain finder
Darkscrape ⭐167
OSINT Tool For Scraping Dark Websites
Osweep ⭐164
Don't Just Search OSINT. Sweep It.
I See You ⭐164
ISeeYou is a Bash and Javascript tool to find the exact location of the users during social engineering or phishing engagements. Using exact location coordinates an attacker can perform preliminary reconnaissance which will help them in performing further targeted attacks.
Git Vuln Finder ⭐159
Finding potential software vulnerabilities from git commit messages
Intrec Pack ⭐156
Intelligence and Reconnaissance Package/Bundle installer.
Karma ⭐154
Find leaked emails with your passwords
Metabigor ⭐151
Intelligence Framework but without API key
Pockint ⭐148
A portable OSINT Swiss Army Knife for DFIR/OSINT professionals 🕵️ 🕵️ 🕵️
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