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ScraperBot is a Skype chat bot that preforms OSINT on a given IP, Domain or Hash

Main Dependencies:

  • Skype4Py

Handler Dependencies:

  • sudo easy_install Skype4Py
  • sudo easy_install SQLAlchemy
  • sudo easy_install argparse
  • sudo easy_install httplib2
  • sudo easy_install whoosh
  • sudo easy_install pattern

How to run:

  1. Install dependencies
  2. Launch Skype
  3. cd into the directory hosting chatbot
  4. run the chatbot with: python
  5. The skypebot automatically assumes your name, refer to usage below for interaction


  • @[skype_handle] [ipv4, domain, md5hash]
  • @[skype_handle] osint [ipv4, domain, md5hash]
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