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The Top 80 Collaboration Open Source Projects

CategoriesΒ >Β CollaborationΒ >Β Collaboration ⭐25,518
The ultimate Free Open Source Solution for team communications.
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Mattermost Server ⭐17,617
Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React - Mattermost
Zulip ⭐11,203
Zulip server - powerful open source team chat
Bit ⭐10,249
Build, version and distribute reusable components.
Server ⭐9,872
☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data
Etherpad Lite ⭐8,489
Etherpad: real-time collaborative document editor
Codimd ⭐5,593
CodiMD - Realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms.
Dvc ⭐4,606
πŸ¦‰Data Version Control | Git for Data & Models
Sparkleshare ⭐4,388
Share and collaborate by syncing with any Git repository instantly. Linux, macOS, and Windows.
Bigbluebutton ⭐2,870
Complete open source web conferencing system.
Hitchhiker ⭐2,095
a Restful Api test tool
Openfire ⭐2,081
A XMPP server licensed under the Open Source Apache License.
Matterwiki ⭐1,983
A simple and beautiful wiki for teams
Live Share ⭐1,442
Real-time collaborative development from the comfort of your favorite tools
Documentserver ⭐1,440
ONLYOFFICE Document Server is an online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and enabling collaborative editing in real time.
Yjs ⭐1,260
Peer-to-peer shared types
Community ⭐1,021
Modern Confluence alternative designed for internal & external docs, built with Golang + EmberJS
Subethaedit ⭐996
General purpose plain text editor for macOS. Widely known for its live collaboration feature.
Mycollab ⭐976
An open source, free, high performance, stable and secure Java Application Business Platform of Project Management and Document
Goodwork ⭐962
Self hosted project management and collaboration tool powered by Laravel & VueJS
Xuanxuan ⭐893
xuanxuan is an open source IM resolution. ⭐825
Official OSX, Windows, and Linux Desktop Clients for Rocket.Chat
Tandem ⭐680
Typing in Tandem. Decentralized, cross-editor, collaborative text-editing!
Desktopeditors ⭐646
An office suite that combines text, spreadsheet and presentation editors allowing to create, view and edit local documents
Mycroft Skills ⭐557
A repository for sharing and collaboration for third-party Mycroft skills development.
Plots2 ⭐545
a collaborative knowledge-exchange platform in Rails; we welcome first-time contributors! 🎈
Idarling ⭐522
Collaborative Reverse Engineering plugin for IDA Pro & Hex-Rays
Server ⭐520
CodiMD - Realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms.
Drawpile ⭐456
A collaborative drawing program
Wireflow ⭐450
Wireflow - user flow chart real-time collaborative tool -
Spark ⭐433
Cross-platform real-time collaboration client optimized for business and organizations.
Projects ⭐406
Curated collection of projects for folks looking to collaborate within the Elm ecosystem.
Openml ⭐404
Open Machine Learning
Chat ⭐394
Chat with your team while you collaborate over code using VS Live Share
Dradis Ce ⭐393
Dradis Framework: Colllaboration and reporting for IT Security teams
Instapy Cli ⭐377
✨ Python library and CLI to upload photo and video on Instagram. W/o a phone!
How To Collaborate On Github ⭐327
A mini book about collaborating on GitHub
Firestr ⭐326
The Grass Computing Platform
Ck ⭐324
A small Python library to help researchers share their artifacts (code, data, models, scripts, experiments) as a human-readable database of portable, reusable and customizable components and workflows with CLI-based actions, Python/REST API and JSON meta. Our partners use CK to enable DevOps-based ML/AI/systems R&D, crowd-tuning and "live" papers:
Semanticmediawiki ⭐301
πŸ”— Semantic MediaWiki turns MediaWiki into a knowledge management platform with query and export capabilities
Riotjs Style Guide ⭐284
Opinionated RiotJS Style Guide for teams.
Oorja ⭐248
[archived] effortless video-voice chat with realtime collaborative features. extensible using react components πŸ™Œ
Papernic ⭐247
Open Source Document Management & Collaboration System
Commuter ⭐245
🚎 Notebook sharing hub
Memory Hole ⭐231
Memory Hole is a support issue organizer application
Gistpad ⭐231
VS Code extension for managing and sharing code snippets, notes and interactive samples using GitHub Gists
Peer Base ⭐193
Build real-time collaborative DApps on top of IPFS
Swellrt ⭐187
SwellRT main project. Server, JavaScript and Java clients
Text ⭐181
πŸ“‘ Collaborative document editing using Markdown
Crowdanki ⭐180
Plugin for Anki SRS designed to facilitate cooperation on creation of notes and decks.
Blindpad ⭐179
Collaborative text editor (like Google Docs or CoderPad) with integrated semi-anonymizing voice chat intended to help reduce bias in technical communication.
Cmissync ⭐148
Synchronize content between a CMIS repository and your desktop. Like Dropbox for Enterprise Content Management!
Colllect ⭐148
Your visual bookmark manager
Wp Document Revisions ⭐142
A document management and version control plugin that allows teams of any size to collaboratively edit files and manage their workflow.
Skypad ⭐138
Cattaz ⭐137
Realtime collaborative tool which can run custom applications in a Wiki page
Plynx ⭐136
PLynx is a domain agnostic platform for managing reproducible experiments and data-oriented workflows.
Planka ⭐135
The open source Trello-like kanban board built with React and Redux.
Open Synthesis ⭐128
Open platform for CIA-style intelligence analysis
Construct ⭐120
This is The Construct ⭐112
A website about french words for computer concepts.
Saros ⭐104
Open Source IDE plugin for distributed collaborative software development
Egroupware ⭐104
Web based groupware server written in PHP, forum at
Nbgallery ⭐103
Enterprise Jupyter notebook sharing and collaboration app
Renku ⭐102
RENKU (ι€£ε₯) is a software platform designed to foster multidisciplinary (data) science collaboration.
Metamaps ⭐100
A deployable web platform for collaborative conversation, ideation & sense-making. Use it for free at
Hydroshare ⭐98
HydroShare is a collaborative website for better access to data and models in the hydrologic sciences.
Collaborationguide4shaper ⭐98
For shaper, by shaper, help you be a shaper 🌱
Quill Sharedb Cursors ⭐97
Collaborative editing with multi cursors sync using Quill and ShareDB.
Covise ⭐77
Collaborative Visualization and Simulation Environment, OpenCOVER and oddlot
Weditor ⭐74
πŸ‹ζ”―ζŒε€šδΊΊεδ½œηš„ ε―Œζ–‡ζœ¬ 编辑器
Collaboration For Beginners ⭐67
A Beginner's Guide to Contributing in an Open Source Project.
Hokaido ⭐41
Trubudget ⭐37
A blockchain-based workflow tool for efficient and transparent project management
Zdoo ⭐33
CRM& Chat& Collaboration system/tool written in PHP, Free Upgrade Forever!​
Zeronet Dev Center ⭐21
A Development Center for the ZeroNet. Tutorials on ZeroNet Zite Development, Collaboration, and Questions
Circuit Sdk ⭐20
JavaScript and Node.js SDK for Circuit
Openly ⭐19
"GitHub" for Google Drive [inactive]
Zenboard ⭐18
Teamwork made easy
R Style Guide ⭐14
Best practices for readable, sharable, and verifiable R code
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