Use Nintendo Controllers with Arduino
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Use Nintendo Controllers with Arduino
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USB Host Library for Arduino
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Arduino Nintendo Library


This library is made to connect Nintendo Controllers to your Arduino very easy. Make sure you grab the right hardware, tear off some cables to use your controllers on your PC for example. The requirements are written in the wiki.

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Supported devices

Host mode means that you can hook up an controller to your Arduino and read its buttons. Controller mode means that your Arduino can act as controller.

  • GamecubeConsole (Device Mode)
  • GamecubeController (Host Mode)
  • N64Console (Device Mode)
  • N64Controller (Host Mode)
Planned features
  • Wii-Mote (USB Host shield)
  • Wii Nunchuk (I2C)
  • Wii Classic Controller (I2C)
  • Wii-Mote plus(USB Host shield)
  • Wiiu Pro Controller (USB Host shield)
  • SNES Controller (I don't have any)
  • N64 rumble -> example
  • N64 -> USB example
  • GC to N64 example
Possible projects:
  • Gamecube HID Controller
  • Gamecube to X Adapter
  • X to Gamecube Adapter
  • Selfmade Gamecube Controller
  • Wireless Gamecube Controller
  • 2 Player merged Controller
  • Manipulated (shortcut) Gamecube Controller
  • Gamecube Controller as Arduino input


Download the zip, extract and remove the "-master" of the folder. Install the library as described here. You can also use the Arduino Library Manager to get the latest version.

Checkout the 'dev' branch to test the bleeding edge of this software. It might now work at all or has a lot of debugging stuff in it.


All documentation moved to the wiki page.


Contact information can be found here:

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