Test Dapp

The sample dapp used for e2e testing and metamask-extension QA
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Test Dapp47728 days ago18September 26, 202228mitJavaScript
The sample dapp used for e2e testing and metamask-extension QA
Dappeteer41565 days ago13November 29, 202229otherTypeScript
🏌🏼‍E2E testing for dApps using Puppeteer + MetaMask
Dappeteer175512 years ago8February 19, 202020otherCSS
🏌🏼‍E2E testing for dApps using Puppeteer + MetaMask
Torus Website70
a day ago24otherJavaScript
Torus Wallet that provides dapps logins that feel like Web2.0
4 years ago1gpl-3.0Objective-C
iOS & Android app with dApp integrations, e2e chat, notifications, discovery, etc
Poa Test Setup8
3 years ago5gpl-3.0JavaScript
Deployment of POA network in one click and e2e tests of Ceremony/Governance DApps
13 days agoapache-2.0TypeScript
Web3 E2E Testing Framework
Parity Dapp Tutorial Screenshot Generator2
6 years agoapache-2.0JavaScript
Screenshot generator for https://github.com/paritytech/parity/wiki/Dapp-Tutorial
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MetaMask Test Dapp

This is a simple test dapp for use in MetaMask e2e tests and manual QA.

Currently hosted here.


If you wish to use this dapp in your e2e tests, install this package and set up a script of e.g. the following form:

static-server node_modules/@metamask/test-dapp/dist --port 9011

The main page of the test dapp includes a simple UI featuring buttons for common dapp interactions.

There is a second page (request.html) that allows making requests directly to the provider using query parameters. This provides a simple way of testing RPC methods using an in-page provider.

It can be used by navigating to /request.html?method=${METHOD}&params=${PARAMS} (e.g. /request.html?method=eth_getLogs&params=[{ "address": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000" }]). The page will make a request with the given RPC method and parameters using ethereum.request, and report the result as plain text.



  • Install Node.js version 16
    • If you are using nvm (recommended) running nvm use will automatically choose the right node version for you.
  • Install Yarn v1
  • Run yarn setup to install dependencies and run any required post-install scripts
    • Warning: Do not use the yarn / yarn install command directly. Use yarn setup instead. The normal install command will skip required post-install scripts, leaving your development environment in an invalid state.

Testing and Linting

Run yarn lint to run the linter, or run yarn lint:fix to run the linter and fix any automatically fixable issues.

This package has no tests.


After merging or pushing to main, please run yarn deploy in the package root directory if the contents of the dist/ directory have changed.


Elements Must Be Selectable by XPath

All HTML elements should be easily selectable by XPath. This means that appearances can be misleading. For example, consider this old bug:

  class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block mb-3"
  Approve Tokens Without Gas

This appears on the page as Approve Tokens Without Gas. In reality, the value included the whitespace on the second line, and caused XPath queries for the intended value to fail.

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