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Big Update: New Goerli Faucet Located Here. Kovan, Ropsten, and Rinkeby have been deprecated.

You'll need to verify via Twitter to get ETH & LINK. You can find Backup Faucets here.

Additionally, lesson 7 uses Chainlink VRF v1 instead of v2, you can find the docs for Chainlink VRFv1 here.

YouTube Video

Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Course  Beginner to Expert Python Tutorial

Welcome to the repository for the Ultimate Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contract - Beginner to Expert Full Course | Python Edition FreeCodeCamp course!

Table of Contents

Resources For This Course


Windows Support

Hiccups/Issues from the Video

Lesson 0: Welcome To Blockchain

What is a Blockchain?

Making Your First Transaction

How Do Blockchains Work?


The Future


Lesson 1: Welcome to Remix! Simple Storage


Everything in this section can be read about in the Solidity Documentation


Basic Solidity

  • Versioning
  • Compiling
  • Contract Declaration
  • Types & Declaring Variables
    • uint256, int256, bool, string, address, bytes32
  • Default Initializations
  • Comments
  • Functions
  • Deploying a Contract
  • Calling a public state-changing Function
  • Visibility
  • Scope
  • View & Pure Functions
  • Structs
  • Intro to Storage
  • Arrays - Dynamic & Fixed sized
  • Compiler Errors and Warnings
  • Memory
  • Mappings
  • SPDX License
  • Recap

Deploying to a "Live" network

  • A testnet or mainnet
  • Find a faucet here
  • Connecting Metamask
  • Interacting with Deployed Contracts
  • The EVM

Lesson 2: Storage Factory


Inheritance, Factory Pattern, and Interacting with External Contracts

  • Factory Pattern
  • Imports
  • Deploy a Contract From a Contract
  • Interact With a Deployed Contract
  • Recap

Lesson 3: Fund Me


Payable, msg.sender, msg.value, Units of Measure

Chainlink Oracles

Importing from NPM and Advanced Solidity

  • Decimals/Floating Point Numbers in Solidity
  • latestRoundData
  • Importing from NPM in Remix
  • Interfaces
    • Introduction to ABIs
  • Getting Price Feed Addresses
  • getPrice
  • Tuples
    • Unused Tuple Variables
  • Matching Units (WEI/GWEI/ETH)
  • getConversionRate
  • Matching Units (Continued)
  • SafeMath & Integer Overflow
  • Setting a Threshold
  • Require
  • Revert
  • Withdraw Function
  • Transfer
  • Balance
  • this
  • Contract Owners
  • Constructor
  • ==
  • Modifiers
  • Resetting
  • for loop
  • Array Length
  • Forcing a Transaction
  • Recap

Lesson 4: Simple Storage


Installing VSCode, Python, and Web3

Our First Python Script with - Deploying a Contract

Interacting with Our Contract in Python &

  • 2 Things you always need
    1. Contract Address
    2. Contract ABI
  • Getting address from transaction receipt
  • Calling a view function with
    • Call vs Transact
  • Updating State with
  • ganache-cli
  • Working with ganache-cli
  • Open a new terminal in the same window
  • Deploying to a testnet
  • Infura
  • Alchemy
  • Using Infura RPC URL / HTTP Provider
  • Chain Ids
  • Wow this seems like a lot of work... Is there a better way?

Lesson 5: Brownie Simple Storage


Brownie Introduction

Installing Brownie

Brownie Simple Storage Project

  • A new Brownie project with brownie init
    • Project Basic Explanation
  • Adding SimpleStorage.sol to the contracts folder
  • Compiling with brownie compile
  • Brownie deploy script
    • def main is brownie's entry point
  • brownie defaults to a development ganache chain that it creates
  • Placing functions outside of the main function
  • brownie accounts
    • 3 Ways to Add Accounts
      1. accounts[0]: Brownie's "default" ganache accounts
        • Only works for local ganache
      2. accounts.load("..."): Brownie's encrypted command line (MOST SECURE)
        • Run brownie accounts new <name> and enter your private key and a password
      3. accounts.add(config["wallets"]["from_key"]): Storing Private Keys as an environment variable, and pulling from our brownie-config.yaml
        • You'll need to add dotenv: .env to your brownie-config.yaml and have a .env file
  • Importing a Contract
  • Contract.Deploy
  • View Function Call in Brownie
  • State-Changing Function Call in Brownie / Contract Interaction
  • transaction.wait(1)

Testing Basics

  • Arrange, Act, Assert
  • assert
  • brownie test
  • test_updating_storage
  • Pytest / Brownie Test Tips
  • Deploy to a Testnet
  • brownie networks list
  • Development vs Ethereum
    • Development is temporary
    • Ethereum networks persist
  • RPC URL / HTTP Provider in Brownie
  • The network flag
    • list index out of range
  • get_account()
  • networks.show_active()
  • build/deployments
  • Accessing previous deployments
  • Interacting with contracts deployed in our brownie project

[Brownie console]

  • brownie console

Lesson 6: Brownie Fund Me



  • Setup

Dependencies, Deploying, and Networks

  • Dependencies
  • chainlink-brownie-contracts
  • remappings
  • Deploy Script (V1)
  • Deploy to Rinkeby
  • Contract Verification (publish_source)
    • The Manual Way
      • "Flattening"
    • The Programatic Way
    • Interacting with Etherscan
  • Deploying to Local Chains
  • Introduction to Mocking
  • Constructor Parameters
  • networks in our brownie-config.yaml
  • Copying Mock Contracts from chainlink-mix
  • Deploying and using our mock
  • Refactoring
  • Deploying to a persistent ganache
  • brownie attach
  • Adding a persistent brownie network
  • resetting a network build

Funding and Withdrawing Python Scripts

  • Whoops! Let's fix an issue...
  • Fund Script
  • Withdraw Script

Testing across networks

  • test_can_fund_and_withdraw
  • default networks
  • pytest pip install pytest
  • pytest.skip
  • brownie exceptions
  • mainnet-fork
  • Custom mainnet fork
  • Adding a development brownie network
    • brownie networks add development mainnet-fork-dev cmd=ganache-cli host= fork='$WEB3_INFURA_PROJECT_ID' accounts=10 mnemonic=brownie port=8545
  • Alchemy
  • brownie test --network mainnet-fork
  • brownie ganache vs local ganache vs mainnet-fork vs testnet...


Compatibility with Ganache UI

  • test_only_owner_can_withdraw() gives below error if the selected network is Ganache UI::
E           ValueError: Execution reverted during call: 'VM Exception while processing transaction: revert'. This transaction will likely revert. If you wish to broadcast, include `allow_revert:True` as a transaction parameter.

More information here.

Lesson 7: SmartContract Lottery


Chainlink VRF v1 docs


  • Add a
  • Defining the project
  • Is it decentralized?


Testing Lottery.sol

  • get_account() refactored
  • get_contract
    • contract_to_mock
    • Contract.from_abi
  • Adding the parameters to deploying to lottery
  • vrfCoordinatorMock and adding mocks
  • LinkToken and Mocks
  • Successful Ganache Deployment!
  • Python Lottery Scripts/Functions
    • start_lottery
    • Brownie tip: Remember to tx.wait(1) your last transaction
    • enter_lottery
    • end_lottery
  • Funding with LINK
  • brownie interfaces
  • Waiting for callback
  • Integration Tests & Unit Tests
  • Test all lines of code
  • test_get_entrance_fee
  • pytest.skip (again)
  • test_cant_enter_unless_started
  • test_can_start_and_enter_lottery
  • test_can_pick_winner_correctly
  • Events and Logs
  • callBackWithRandomness

Lottery.sol Testnet Deployment

Lesson 8: Chainlink Mix


Brownie Mixes

Lesson 9: ERC20s, EIPs, and Token Standards


Lesson 10: Defi & Aave

*NOTE: This repo is now archived as kovan is no longer supported. You can still follow along with the learning, but know the code may not work the same on a different testnet.


Defi Intro

Aave UI

Programmatic Interactions with Aave


Lesson 11: NFTs


Non-Technical Explainer

Simple NFT

SimpleCollectible Testing

  • What else with NFTs?

Advanced NFT

  • AdvancedCollectible.sol
  • Dungeons and Dragons Example
  • Double Inherited Constructors
  • createCollectible (Advanced)
    • tokenIdToBreed
  • Working with in-flight Chainlink VRF requests
  • Download the NFT images from the nft-mix
  • setTokenURI
    • _isApprovedOrOwner
  • Emit events when you update mappings
  • indexed event keyword

Advanced deploy_and_create

  • Move OPENSEA_URL to helpful_scripts
  • Deploying AdvancedCollectible
    • Opensea testnet is only compatible with Rinkeby
  • Rinkeby Chainlink VRF Contract Addresses
  • Speeding through adding functions from previous projects
  • Deploy to Rinkeby
  • A quick unit test
  • A quick integration test

Creating Metadata & IPFS

Lesson 12: Upgrades


Introduction to upgrading smart contracts

Upgrades-mix and code

  • Setup
  • Box.sol
  • BoxV2.sol
  • Getting the proxy contracts
  • Openzeppelin Proxy Github
  • Hooking up a proxy to our implementation contract
  • (Optional) Creating a Gnosis Safe
  • Initializers
  • Encoding Initializer Function
  • Assigning ABI to a proxy
  • Running the script
  • Upgrade Python Function

Testing Upgrades

  • Testing our proxy
  • Testing our upgrades

Upgrades on a testnet

Bonus Lesson 13: Full Stack Defi

Note: This section is archived as kovan is now deprecated. If you're looking to learn more Full-stack, check out the full stack portions of the hardhat/javascript video.

Link to hardhat/javascript video with more full-stack examples:


  • FreeCodeCamp React
  • What are we building?
  • Setup
  • DappToken.sol
  • TokenFarm.sol
    • tokenIsAllowed
    • addAllowedTokens
    • mapping of a mapping
    • stakeTokens
    • issueTokens
    • getUserTotalValue
    • getUserSingleTokenValue
    • getTokenValue
    • setPriceFeedContract
    • unStakeTokens
    • Can this be reentrancy attacked?

Defi Stake Yield Brownie Scripts & Tests

    • Deploying DappToken
    • Deploying TokenFarm
    • Adding allowed tokens
  • ERC20 Kovan Faucet
    • If the link above does not work, you can get another ERC20 token using this faucet: Weenus ERC20 Faucet
  • Mocking our ERC20s

Testing our Defi Stake Yield Brownie Dapp

  • test_set_price_feed_contract
  • test_stake_tokens
  • Fixtures
  • test_issue_tokens
  • Now you try on tests!

Front End / Full Stack

  • Front End Introduction
  • Typescript
  • React
  • useDapp
  • npx
  • yarn
  • create-react-app
    • Layout
  • Testing Front End
  • yarn && yarn start
  • Connecting our wallets
    • Install useDapp
    • Header Component
    • Connect Button
  • Material-UI
  • Making our button nicer
  • Main.tsx
    • Sending brownie-config & build folder to our UI
    • Helper Config
    • TypeScript error suppression
    • Getting addresses
    • Ethers
    • Only support kovan
  • YourWallet
    • supportedTokens
    • State Hooks
    • Showing tokens
    • WalletBalance
    • ethersproject/units
    • BalanceMsg
    • Stake Form
    • Calling approve
    • useContractFunction
    • useEffect
    • Notifications
    • Make it pretty
    • Alerts

Shoutout to Matt for the help on the front end!

Closing and Summary


Where do I go now?

Learning More



Be sure to check out project grant programs!


From solidity course to vyper

And make today an amazing day!

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