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Torus Wallet that provides dapps logins that feel like Web2.0
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Web3modal4,3421882 days ago26January 26, 202326apache-2.0TypeScript
A single Web3 provider solution for all Wallets
6 days ago310gpl-3.0TypeScript
Taho, the community owned and operated Web3 wallet.
Trust Wallet Ios1,484
4 years ago66gpl-3.0Swift
:iphone: Trust - Ethereum Wallet and Web3 DApp Browser for iOS
Use Wallet724
3 days ago84mitTypeScript
👛 useWallet() · All-in-one solution to connect a dapp to an Ethereum provider.
Web3 Onboard689294 days ago51September 26, 202222mitTypeScript
Client library to onboard users to web3 apps
Celo Monorepo662433a day ago102April 26, 2022194apache-2.0TypeScript
Official repository for core projects comprising the Celo platform
Alpha Wallet Ios538
2 days ago296mitSwift
An advanced Ethereum/EVM mobile wallet
Alpha Wallet Android511
4 days ago288mitJava
An advanced Ethereum mobile wallet
Upchain Wallet500
9 months ago8agpl-3.0JavaScript
以太坊钱包(支持DApp 浏览器)- A Powerful Ethereum Android Wallet & DApp Browser
4 years ago44JavaScript
Asch is an efficient, flexible, safe and decentralized application platform, which was initially designed to lower the barrier to entry for developers.The services provided by the Asch platform include a public chain and a set of application SDKs.
Alternatives To Torus Website
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Project setup

npm install --legacy-peer-deps
find ./node_modules -name ".git" -type d -exec rm -rf {} +

Add .env the project's root directory:


Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build

Run your tests

npm run test:unit

Run your E2E tests

Start local application first before running the e2e test

npm run serve
npm run test:e2e
npm run test:e2e:mobile

Lints and fixes files

npm run lint

Customize configuration

See Configuration Reference.

Current Issues

To get rid of the websocket error, use the following command in the project root (where package.json lives)

find ./node_modules -name ".git" -type d -exec rm -rf {} +

Release notes

Checklist: Website: *

Test/Browser Chrome Safari Brave Firefox Edge iOS Safari iOS Chrome Android Chrome
Test login on google/discord oauths
Skale Network Change
Import Account
Test wallet transfer
Test on torus-embed vue-app all buttons


  • When you update @metamask/contract-metadata, run the following command to sync images to s3
cd node_modules/@metamask/contract-metadata
aws s3 cp images s3:// --cache-control "public, max-age=604800, immutable" --metadata-directive REPLACE --recursive

Feature list

Feature list includes the following:

  • Use OpenLogin for Auth
  • Multiple network support (All EVM Chains)
  • View Native token, ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 Balances
  • Transfer Native token, ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 Balances
  • Connect to dapps via Wallet Connect
  • Allow Transfers to ETH, Google, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, ENS, Unstoppable domains, GitHub, .BIT
  • Allow adding contacts and sending assets to contacts
  • Export private keys
  • Multiple themes supported
  • Fully whitelabelable engine
  • Multiple languages supported (6)
  • Import external accounts
  • Web SDK to connect to dapps
  • Discover page with featured dapps(One click login)

Environments we support

Environment Torus Network GitHub branch
alpha testnet Any branch
beta testnet Any branch
testing testnet develop
staging mainnet staging (versioning)
prod mainnet master (versioning)
cyan cyan master (versioning)
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