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Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.
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Integrated end-to-end testing framework written in Node.js and using W3C Webdriver API. Developed at @browserstack
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Alternatives To Guardiantest
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GuardianTest is an open-source, end-to-end testing framework for web3 developers building on EVM-compatible chains.



Installing Node.js

  • Check if you already have Node installed by opening a terminal or command prompt instance and executing node -v. You should see a version number in the return.
  • If you do not have Node already installed, go to Node.js and select the version associated with your operating system.

Installing Foundry

  • Check if you already have Anvil installed through Foundry by opening a terminal or command prompt instance and executing anvil -V. You should see a version number in the return. If you do not, follow one of the guides below.

Mac, Linux, and Windows



Installing GuardianTest

You can install GuardianTest using either npm or yarn:


npm install --save-dev @guardianui/test


yarn add -D @guardianui/test

Installing Playwright Browsers

You will need to have the latest Playwright browser drivers installed.

npx playwright install



At your repo's top-level directory create a file called playwright.config.ts. You can find a default configuration in our GuardianTest Configuration Guide

If you already are using Playwright and already have a playwright.config.ts:

  • Add /.*gui.(js|ts|mjs)/ to the testMatch entry to make sure Playwright recognizes our tests
    • If you do not have a testMatch entry in the config, add one like shown in the example below
    • If you have existing Playwright tests that are either named with the testName.spec.ts or testName.test.ts naming conventions make the following your testMatch entry: [/.*gui\.(js|ts|mjs)/, /.*(spec|test)\.(js|ts|mjs)/]
  • Set fullyParallel to false
  • Set workers to 1


Create another file called .env in your repo's top-level directory, or add the following to your existing .env file if you already have one. Comment out whichever line you do not use with a # at the start.

# Must fill in one of these API keys; only need one


To be able to run tests, add the following to your app's package.json scripts section:

"test:gui": "npx playwright test --project=chromium --headed"

Writing Your First Test

Follow our guide to write your first test

What GuardianTest enables

  • Engage with local deployments, staging deployments, OR live production
  • Perform tests on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, or Optimism (more coming soon)
  • Pin tests to any block
  • Interact with a site using a wallet
  • Mock ERC20 balances and allowances
  • Validate target contract addresses from app interactions
  • Perform any other actions or validation Playwright offers

Why it's good

  • Does not rely on MetaMask or any other specific wallet where the brittleness of the tests is caused by changes from the wallet provider
  • Creates a closer to production testing environment
    • No modified WAGMI connector
    • Looks like mainnet to the site
  • Enables easy mocking of ERC20 balances and allowances
  • Enables mocking of any other contract state
  • Enables developers to verify wallet interactions
  • Enables developers to test app behavior through a transaction completing

How it works

  • Spins up an Anvil fork of the desired network at the time of test run
  • Uses Playwright to run browser interactions and engage with the site
  • Injects a wallet to the browser that's connected to the Anvil fork
  • Checks eth_sendTransaction and eth_sendRawTransaction RPC requests when instructed to via gui.validateContractInteraction


For full documentation and examples, visit the GuardianTest Docs.


Check out the following places for more GuardianUI-related content:


If you're interested in contributing, please read the contributing docs before submitting a pull request.


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