Golang Developer Roadmap

Roadmap to becoming a Go developer in 2020
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Golang Developer Roadmap16,230
7 months ago22
Roadmap to becoming a Go developer in 2020
Artillery6,942171707 hours ago173August 04, 2023406mpl-2.0JavaScript
Load testing at cloud-scale, as easy as 1-2-3. Serverless & distributed out-of-the-box. Never fail to scale!
Go Grpc Middleware5,6781,8876,100a day ago56April 04, 202374apache-2.0Go
Golang gRPC Middlewares: interceptor chaining, auth, logging, retries and more.
Go Stress Testing3,198
2 days ago12June 16, 20213otherGo
go 实现的压测工具,ab、locust、Jmeter压测工具介绍【单台机器100w连接压测实战】
Ghz2,6551921 days ago146June 18, 202376apache-2.0Go
Simple gRPC benchmarking and load testing tool
4 days ago40apache-2.0JavaScript
☔ 敏捷开发最强大易用的 HTTP 接口工具,机器学习零代码测试、生成代码与静态检查、生成文档与光标悬浮注释,集 文档、测试、Mock、调试、管理 于一体的一站式体验。☔ The most advanced tool for HTTP API. Testing with machine learning, generating codes and static analysis, generating comments and floating hints, one site for document, testing, mocking, debugging and management.
Python Betterproto1,20876a day ago15June 26, 2023155mitPython
Clean, modern, Python 3.6+ code generator & library for Protobuf 3 and async gRPC
a day ago42mpl-2.0TypeScript
Automated API Testing and Quality Assurance
15 days ago15mitJava
An Extensible Request/Response Workbench
20 days ago8mitTypeScript
Swell: API development tool that enables developers to test endpoints served over streaming technologies including Server-Sent Events (SSE), WebSockets, HTTP2, GraphQL, gRPC, and tRPC..
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Go Developer Roadmap

Roadmap to becoming a Go developer in 2021:

Below you can find a chart demonstrating the paths that you can take and the libraries that you would want to learn to become a Go developer. I made this chart as a tip for everyone who asks me, "What should I learn next as a Go developer?"

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The purpose of this roadmap is to give you an idea about the landscape. The road map will guide you if you are confused about what to learn next, rather than encouraging you to pick what is hype and trendy. You should grow some understanding of why one tool would be better suited for some cases than the other and remember hype and trendy does not always mean best suited for the job.

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  1. Prerequisites

  2. General Development Skills

    • Learn GIT, create a few repositories on GitHub, share your code with other people
    • Know HTTP(S) protocol, request methods (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS)
    • Don't be afraid of using Google, Power Searching with Google
    • Read a few books about algorithms and data structures
    • Learn about implementation of a basic Authentication
    • Solid principles, architectural & design patterns, ecc
    • Basics of software testing (unit, integration, e2e)
  3. CLI Tools

    1. cobra
    2. urfave/cli
  4. Web Frameworks + Routers

    1. Beego
    2. Chi
    3. Echo
    4. Fiber
    5. Gin
    6. Revel
  5. Databases

    1. Relational
      1. SQL Server
      2. PostgreSQL
      3. MariaDB
      4. MySQL
      5. CockroachDB
    2. Cloud Databases
    3. Search Engines
    4. NoSQL
  6. ORMs

    1. Gorm
    2. Xorm
  7. Caching

    1. GCache
    2. Distributed Cache
      1. Go-Redis
      2. GoMemcached
  8. Logging

    1. Log Frameworks
    2. Log Management System
    3. Distributed Tracing
  9. Real-Time Communication

    1. Centrifugo
    2. Melody
  10. API Clients

    1. REST
    2. GraphQL
  11. Good to Know

  12. Testing

    1. Unit, Behavior, Integration Testing
      1. GoMock
      2. Testify
      3. GinkGo
      4. GoMega
      5. GoCheck
      6. GoDog
      7. GoConvey
      8. Dockertest
    2. E2E Testing
  13. Task Scheduling

  14. MicroServices

    1. Message-Broker
    2. Building message-driven
    3. Frameworks
    4. RPC
  15. Go-Patterns

Wrap Up

If you think the roadmap can be improved, please do open a PR with any updates and submit any issues. Also, I will continue to improve this, so you might want to star this repository to revisit.

Idea from : ASP.NET Core Developer Roadmap


The roadmap is built using Draw.io. Project file can be found at golang-developer-roadmap.xml file. To modify it, open draw.io, click Open Existing Diagram and choose xml file with project. It will open the roadmap for you. Update it, upload and update the images in readme and create a PR (export as png with 400% zoom and minify that with Compressor.io).

  • Open a pull request with improvements
  • Discuss ideas in issues
  • Spread the word


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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