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Hydrograph is a powerful ETL tool that allows developers to create complex graphs using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Users build ETL graphs by using the Hydrograph UI to link together input, transformation, and output components. Users can customize a variety of pre-built components or contribute back to Hydrograph by developing additional inputs, outputs, and transformations. To execute ETL jobs Hydrograph leverages Apache Spark as the backend engine. This allows Hydrograph to handle a variety of workload sizes and provides a flexible deployment model.

Contributors :

We welcome your interest in Bitwise's Open Source Projects (the "Project"). Any Contributor to the project must accept and sign a CLA indicating agreement to the license terms. Except for the license granted in this CLA to Bitwise and to recipients of software distributed by Bitwise, you reserve all right, title, and interest in and to your contributions; this CLA does not impact your rights to use your own contributions for any other purpose.

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