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The Top 65 Etcd Open Source Projects

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Etcd 28,677
Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system
Traefik 26,428
The Cloud Native Edge Router
Rook 6,524
Storage Orchestration for Kubernetes
Casbin 5,717
An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC in Golang
Follow Me Install Kubernetes Cluster 4,851
和我一步步部署 kubernetes 集群
Kubeasz 4,404
Patroni 2,903
A template for PostgreSQL High Availability with ZooKeeper, etcd, or Consul
Stolon 2,509
PostgreSQL cloud native High Availability and more.
Gateway 2,212
An HTTP API Gateway
Mgmt 2,063
Next generation distributed, event-driven, parallel config management!
Skipper 1,940
An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition, including use cases like Kubernetes Ingress
Hyperf 1,901
🚀 A coroutine framework that focuses on hyperspeed and flexibility, specifically used for build microservices or middlewares.
Go Oauth2 Server 1,391
A standalone, specification-compliant, OAuth2 server written in Golang.
Etcd Operator 1,308
etcd operator creates/configures/manages etcd clusters atop Kubernetes
Learning Tools 1,182
A collection of tools and files for learning new technologies
Go Plugins 1,021
Community maintained plugins for micro
Zetcd 938
Serve the Apache Zookeeper API but back it with an etcd cluster
Matchbox 801
Network boot and provision Container Linux / Fedora CoreOS clusters
Tectonic Installer 599
Install a Kubernetes cluster the CoreOS Tectonic Way: HA, self-hosted, RBAC, etcd Operator, and more
Gonet 592
Konfig 543
Composable, observable and performant config handling for Go for the distributed processing era
E3w 335
etcd v3 Web UI
Etcdkeeper 315
web ui client for etcd
Golb 312
🐙 Yet another load balancer
Containerdns 295
a fast DNS for Kubernetes clusters
Reshifter 286
Kubernetes cluster state management
Kotlin Cn 277
【已下线】 的第一个实验版本,尝试使用Kotlin编写构建的 Kotlin China 论坛,etcd+自研tpc协议RPC
Learning K8s Source Code 261
Etcdadm 249
Etcdhcp 241
A DHCP server backed by etcd 235
Cloud Native Infrastructure BackUp & RecoveRY
Constructr 219
Coordinated (etcd, ...) cluster construction for dynamic (cloud, containers) environments
Python Etcd3 207
Python client for the etcd API v3
Dcmp 189
基于etcd的配置管理系统 (etcd v2)
Etcd3 184
🔖 Node.js client for etcd3
Gosiris 179
An actor framework for Go
Go Flagz 175
Dynamic flag management for Go.
Dbtester 170
Distributed database benchmark tester
Kubernetes Under The Hood 159
This tutorial is someone planning to install a Kubernetes cluster and wants to understand how everything fits together. 156
etcd discovery service
Gokv 147
Simple key-value store abstraction and implementations for Go (Redis, Consul, etcd, bbolt, BadgerDB, LevelDB, Memcached, DynamoDB, S3, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CockroachDB and many more)
Etcd Watcher 146
Etcd watcher for Casbin
Nestcloud 145
A NodeJS micro-service solution, writing by Typescript language and NestJS framework.
Pifpaf 135
Python fixtures and daemon managing tools for functional testing
Etcd Cloud Operator 127
Deploying and managing production-grade etcd clusters on cloud providers: failure recovery, disaster recovery, backups and resizing.
Etcdlabs 120
etcd playground
Remco 115
remco is a lightweight configuration management tool
Microservice App 106
A microservices architecture app powered by golang.
Conf_web 106
django + etcd + confd 配置管理平台
Kubernetes Kms 100
🔐Azure Key Vault KMS plugin for Kubernetes
Kuberdock Platform 99
KuberDock - is a platform that allows users to run applications using Docker container images and create SaaS / PaaS based on these applications.
Rust Etcd 98
An etcd client library for Rust.
Yaraft 98
Yet Another RAFT implementation
Forest 95
Grpc Lb 90
Example for grpc-lb with etcd
Microlock 80
A dead simple distributed locking library for Node.js and Etcd
Stolon Chart 80
Kubernetes Helm chart to deploy HA Postgresql cluster based on Stolon
Springboot Thrift Etcd Ribbon 73
基于springboot的thrift的rpc, 服务发现基于etcd,路由基于ribbon
Etcd Mesos 68
self-healing etcd on mesos!
Docker Compose 55
Etcd Play 49
etcd playground
Ekka 43
Autocluster and Autoheal for EMQ X Broker
Dister 33
dister(Distribution Cluster)是一款轻量级高性能的分布式集群管理软件,实现了分布式软件架构中的常用核心组件,包括:服务配置管理中心、服务注册与发现、服务健康检查、服务负载均衡。dister的灵感来源于ZooKeeper、Consul、Etcd,它们都实现了类似的分布式组件,但是dister更加的轻量级、低成本、易维护、架构清晰、简单实用、性能高效,这也是dister设计的初衷。
Example Api 27
A base API project to bootstrap and prototype quickly.
Pyetcdlock 9
a mutux network lock based on etcd
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