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Manba is a restful API gateway based on HTTP, which can be used as a unified API access layer.


A very detailed tutorial for beginners. Link Below are video tutorials. Basics:

Alternative video link:

Routing Configuration Tutorial:

Alternative video link:

JWT Plugin Configuration Tutorial:

Alternative video link:


Please make sure your Go version is 1.10 or above. Otherwise, undefined "math/rand".Shuffle error will occur when compiling. StackOverFlow Link


  • Traffic Control (on Server or API)
  • Circuit Breaker (on Server or API)
  • Load Balance
  • Service Discovery
  • Plugin
  • Routing (Divert Traffic, Duplicate Traffic)
  • API Aggregation
  • API Argument Check
  • API Access Control (White and Black List)
  • API Default Return Value
  • API Customized Return Value
  • API Result Cache
  • JWT Authorization
  • API Metric Imports Prometheus
  • API Retry After Failure
  • Backend Server Health Check
  • Open Management of API (GRPC、Restful)
  • Websocket Support
  • Online Data Migration Support


The following content requires reader some knowledge of Docker. You can refer to this book, or check out the official documentation

Available Docker Images

  • fagongzi/proxy

    proxy component, production ready

  • fagongzi/apiserver

    apiserver component, production ready

Quick start with docker-compose

docker-compose up -d

Use to access apiserver

Use to access to your API


Web UI

Available Manba Web UI Projects:


Manba consists of proxy and apiserver.


Proxy is a component which provides service to clients. Proxy is a stateless node. Multiple proxies can be deployed to handle huge traffic. More.


ApiServer provides GRPC and Restful to manage metadata for users. ApiServer integrates official Web UI. More.

Concepts of Manba


A server is a a real backend service. More.


Cluster consists of servers which provide the same service. A server is chosen to handle a specific request based on a load balance strategy. More.


API is a key concept of Manba. We can manage external APIs in Manba and their distribution rules, aggregation rules and URL matching rules. More.


Routing is a route strategy. Cookie, Querystring, Header and Path in HTTP Request dictate traffic distribution and traffic duplication to a specific cluster. Through this feature, AB test and online traffic divertion is achieved. More.

Getting Involved



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