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The Top 35 Databases Open Source Projects

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Cs Video Courses 14,021
List of Computer Science courses with video lectures.
Test Your Sysadmin Skills 6,348
A collection of Linux Sysadmin Test Questions and Answers. Test your knowledge and skills in different fields with these Q/A.
Sqlflow 3,428
Brings SQL and AI together.
Migrate 3,359
Database migrations. CLI and Golang library.
Migrate 2,306
Database migrations. CLI and Golang library.
Awesome Sqlalchemy 1,989
A curated list of awesome tools for SQLAlchemy
Rom 1,799
Data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby
Nosqlmap 1,216
Automated NoSQL database enumeration and web application exploitation tool.
Jsonlite 819
A simple, self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, json document store.
Bayeslite 818
BayesDB on SQLite. A Bayesian database table for querying the probable implications of data as easily as SQL databases query the data itself.
Gorose 697
GoRose(go orm), a mini database ORM for golang, which inspired by the famous php framwork laravle's eloquent. It will be friendly for php developer and python or ruby developer. Currently provides six major database drivers: mysql,sqlite3,postgres,oracle,mssql, Clickhouse.
Virtuoso Opensource 602
Virtuoso is a high-performance and scalable Multi-Model RDBMS, Data Integration Middleware, Linked Data Deployment, and HTTP Application Server Platform
Easydb 549
Easy-to-use PDO wrapper for PHP projects.
Acra 506
Database security suite. Database proxy with field-level encryption, search through encrypted data, SQL injections prevention, intrusion detection, honeypots. Supports client-side and proxy-side ("transparent") encryption. SQL, NoSQL.
Gormigrate 380
Minimalistic database migration helper for Gorm ORM
Gen 371
Converts a database into gorm structs and RESTful api
Technical Whitepapers 315
Collection of IT whitepapers, presentations, pdfs; hacking, web app security, db, reverse engineering and more; EN/PL.
Mongodb_consistent_backup 244
A tool for performing consistent backups of MongoDB Clusters or Replica Sets
Laravel Database Encryption 191
A package for automatically encrypting and decrypting Eloquent attributes in Laravel 5.5+, based on configuration settings.
Dbngin 188
DB Engine
Tds_fdw 184
A PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper to connect to TDS databases (Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server)
Hera 173
High Efficiency Reliable Access to data stores
Firenze 130
Adapter based JavaScript ORM for Node.js and the browser
Dbplot 114
Simplifies plotting of database and sparklyr data
.codebits 110
📚 List of resources for Algorithms and Data Structures in Python & other CS topics @2017
Aioinflux 107
Asynchronous Python client for InfluxDB
Sqlalchemy Imageattach 97
SQLAlchemy extension for attaching images to entities.
Wither 89
An ODM for MongoDB built upon the mongo rust driver.
Vanillacore 87
The core engine of VanillaDB
Jcabi Jdbc 86
Fluent Wrapper of JDBC
Chaingear 84
The consensus computer driven database framework
Awesome Nosql Guides 72
💻 Curated list of awesome resources and links about using NoSQL databases Database 70
Database of optical constants
Swarmdb 34
Wolk SWARMDB - Decentralized Database Services for Web3
Awesome Scalability Toolbox 21
My opinionated list of products and tools used for high-scalability projects
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