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fzf-widgets - ZLE widgets of fzf

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This repository manage ZLE widgets of fzf. Available widgets can check here.



  • Can map widgets to whatever key you like
  • Can easily install with plugin manager
  • Can use with zsh-autosuggestions
  • Show error messages with $POSTDISPLAY
  • All widgets are autoloaded function


You can install with plugin manager. If use zplug, add the following to your .zshrc:

zplug 'ytet5uy4/fzf-widgets'


zsh: version 5.0.2 or higher


  1. Map widgets to key with bindkey command
  2. Execute widget with mapped key


You can map widgets to key and specify options of fzf to widgets. For example, add the following to your .zshrc:

if zplug check 'ytet5uy4/fzf-widgets'; then
  # Map widgets to key
  bindkey '^@'  fzf-select-widget
  bindkey '^@.' fzf-edit-dotfiles
  bindkey '^@c' fzf-change-directory
  bindkey '^@n' fzf-change-named-directory
  bindkey '^@f' fzf-edit-files
  bindkey '^@k' fzf-kill-processes
  bindkey '^@s' fzf-exec-ssh
  bindkey '^\'  fzf-change-recent-directory
  bindkey '^r'  fzf-insert-history
  bindkey '^xf' fzf-insert-files
  bindkey '^xd' fzf-insert-directory
  bindkey '^xn' fzf-insert-named-directory

  ## Git
  bindkey '^@g'  fzf-select-git-widget
  bindkey '^@ga' fzf-git-add-files
  bindkey '^@gc' fzf-git-change-repository

  # GitHub
  bindkey '^@h'  fzf-select-github-widget
  bindkey '^@hs' fzf-github-show-issue
  bindkey '^@hc' fzf-github-close-issue

  ## Docker
  bindkey '^@d'  fzf-select-docker-widget
  bindkey '^@dc' fzf-docker-remove-containers
  bindkey '^@di' fzf-docker-remove-images
  bindkey '^@dv' fzf-docker-remove-volumes

  # Enable Exact-match by fzf-insert-history

  # Start fzf in a tmux pane


Copyright (c) 2017 ytet5uy4

Released under the MIT License, see

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