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The Top 13 Plugin Manager Open Source Projects

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Virtualapp 6,594
Virtual Engine for Android(Support 10.0 in business version)
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Antigen 5,656
The plugin manager for zsh.
Dein.vim 2,549
⚡️ Dark powered Vim/Neovim plugin manager
Zinit 886
Flexible Zsh plugin manager with clean fpath, reports, completion management, Turbo, annexes, services, packages
Peru 871
a package manager for including other people's code in your projects
Minpac 543
A minimal package manager for Vim 8 (and Neovim)
Ctk 379
A set of common support code for medical imaging, surgical navigation, and related purposes.
Zulu 119
Total environment manager for ZSH
Vim Packager 93
Vim plugin manager that utilizes "jobs" and "pack" features.
Plug.kak 89
Plugin manager for Kakoune editor. This is a mirror of
Ffxivapp 75
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Para 37
Para - community plugin manager and a "swiss army knife" for Terraform/Terragrunt - just 1 tool to facilitate all your workflows.
Plugpac.vim 19
Thin wrapper of minpac, provides vim-plug-like experience
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