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Replace zsh's default completion selection menu with fzf!
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Replace zsh's default completion selection menu with fzf!
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Tab completion using fzf
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a year ago14April 05, 20222mitGo
:rocket: General purpose context-aware zsh completion engine powered by fuzzy finder.
Alternatives To Fzf Tab
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Replace zsh's default completion selection menu with fzf!


Table of Contents


NOTE: fzf-tab needs to be loaded after compinit, but before plugins which will wrap widgets, such as zsh-autosuggestions or fast-syntax-highlighting!!

NOTE 2: fzf-tab ALSO needs fzf installed, otherwise it cannot work!


First, clone this repository.

git clone https://github.com/Aloxaf/fzf-tab ~/somewhere

Then add the following line to your ~/.zshrc.

source ~/somewhere/fzf-tab.plugin.zsh


antigen bundle Aloxaf/fzf-tab


zinit light Aloxaf/fzf-tab


Clone this repository to your custom directory and then add fzf-tab to your plugin list.

git clone https://github.com/Aloxaf/fzf-tab ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-~/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/fzf-tab


Clone this repository to your contrib directory and then add fzf-tab to your module list in .zpreztorc.

git clone https://github.com/Aloxaf/fzf-tab $ZPREZTODIR/contrib/fzf-tab


Just press Tab as usual~

Available keybindings:

  • Ctrl+Space: select multiple results, can be configured by fzf-bindings tag

  • F1/F2: switch between groups, can be configured by switch-group tag

  • /: trigger continuous completion (useful when completing a deep path), can be configured by continuous-trigger tag

Available commands:

  • disable-fzf-tab: disable fzf-tab and fallback to compsys

  • enable-fzf-tab: enable fzf-tab

  • toggle-fzf-tab: toggle the state of fzf-tab. This is also a zle widget.


A common configuration is:

# disable sort when completing `git checkout`
zstyle ':completion:*:git-checkout:*' sort false
# set descriptions format to enable group support
zstyle ':completion:*:descriptions' format '[%d]'
# set list-colors to enable filename colorizing
zstyle ':completion:*' list-colors ${(s.:.)LS_COLORS}
# preview directory's content with exa when completing cd
zstyle ':fzf-tab:complete💿*' fzf-preview 'exa -1 --color=always $realpath'
# switch group using `,` and `.`
zstyle ':fzf-tab:*' switch-group ',' '.'

For more information, please see Wiki#Configuration.

Binary module

By default, fzf-tab uses zsh-ls-colors to parse and apply ZLS_COLORS if you have set the list-colors tag.

However, it is a pure zsh script and is slow if you have too many files to colorize. fzf-tab is shipped with a binary module to speed up this process. You can build it with build-fzf-tab-module, then it will be enabled automatically.

Difference from other plugins

fzf-tab doesn't do "complete", it just shows you the results of the default completion system.

So it works EVERYWHERE (variables, function names, directory stack, in-word completion, etc.). And most of your configuration for default completion system is still valid.

Compatibility with other plugins

Some plugins may also bind "^I" to their custom widget, like fzf/shell/completion.zsh or ohmyzsh/lib/completion.zsh.

By default, fzf-tab will call the widget previously bound to "^I" to get the completion list. So there is no problem in most cases, unless fzf-tab is initialized before a plugin which doesn't handle the previous binding properly.

So if you find your fzf-tab doesn't work properly, please make sure it is the last plugin to bind "^I" (If you don't know what I mean, just put it to the end of your plugin list).

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