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A POSIX script that helps you find Youtube videos (without API) and opens/downloads them using mpv/youtube-dl

This is a little showcase

Fast installation

This one-line installation does not support every OS, detail information for different OS can be found in the here

curl -sL "" | sudo tee /usr/bin/ytfzf >/dev/null && sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/ytfzf

*requires cURL

Table of Contents


  • Subscriptions
  • Thumbnails
  • History
  • Download
  • Format selection
  • Queue multiple videos


  • Search with Thumbnails

    Find and watch videos with thumbnail previews

    ytfzf -t <query>

    Show all subscriptions with thumbnails (latest 10)

    ytfzf -St
  • You can use multiple options together, here are some examples

    • Stream audio (music), and prompt as the music finishes

      ytfzf -ml <query>
    • Download a video from your history

      ytfzf -dH
    • Open using external menu in a certain format

      ytfzf -fD
  • If you started watching a video and you wish to change format then first hit Q to save position and quit mpv, then choose your format using

    ytfzf -faH


  • dwm with swallow patch: Images don't render when looped (ie, option -l)
  • If thumbnails are not working .Xauthority might be causing it. Try deleting .Xauthority and relogging.

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