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Alternatives To Deep Q Learning Flappy Bird
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Drl Flappybird536
3 years ago5Python
Playing Flappy Bird Using Deep Reinforcement Learning (Based on Deep Q Learning DQN using Tensorflow)
Reinforcement Learning Algorithms407
2 years ago4Python
This repository contains most of pytorch implementation based classic deep reinforcement learning algorithms, including - DQN, DDQN, Dueling Network, DDPG, SAC, A2C, PPO, TRPO. (More algorithms are still in progress)
Flappy Bird Deep Q Learning Pytorch407
2 years ago4mitPython
Deep Q-learning for playing flappy bird game
9 months agomitScala
Implementation of some interesting ideas of deeplearning.
7 years agoJavaScript
Use deep learning to auto play flappy bird
Flappybird Es31
6 years ago1Python
An AI agent Learning to play Flappy Bird using Evolution Strategies and deep learning models.
Playing Custom Games Using Deep Learning22
5 years agoPython
Implementation of Google's paper on playing atari games using deep learning in python.
Neuroevolution Flappy Bird15
5 years agomitJupyter Notebook
A comparison between humans, neuroevolution and multilayer perceptrons playing Flapy Bird implemented in Python
Deep Q Learning Flappy Bird6
7 years agomitJavaScript
Flappybird Nueralnetwork4
6 years agoPython
Using Deep Q Network to play Flappy Bird
Alternatives To Deep Q Learning Flappy Bird
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Deep Reinforcement Learning for Flappy Bird

See our video demo on YouTube Video Demo

Want to train a Flappy Bird?

Train a Flappy Bird!

Deep Q Learning algorithm is originally described in Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning, a paper from NIPS 2013 Deep Learning Workshop from DeepMind.

In this repository, instead of Atari games, we try to play with Flappy Bird. We use an open source JavaScript library ConvNetJS to train Deep Learning Models.

Our implementation follows Deep Q Learning Demo

Our goal is to train a deep neural network with q-learning technique to learn control policy from inputs generated by the game. Over time, the flappy bird learns to flap or not at a point to avoid as many pipes as possible.


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