Playing Custom Games Using Deep Learning

Implementation of Google's paper on playing atari games using deep learning in python.
Alternatives To Playing Custom Games Using Deep Learning
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We release dataset collected for our research, code that implement neural network models described in the paper, and scripts to reproduce all of our results, and visualization tool for visualize dataset.
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Alternatives To Playing Custom Games Using Deep Learning
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Playing custom games using Deep Learning

Implementation of Google's paper on playing atari games using deep learning in python.

Paper Authors: Volodymyr Mnih, Koray Kavukcuoglu, David Silver, Alex Graves, Ioannis Antonoglou, Daan Wierstra, Martin Riedmiller
Paper Link:

This project presents an implementation of a model (based on the above linked paper) that successfully learns control policies directly from high-dimensional sensory input using reinforcement learning. The model is a convolutional neural network, trained with a variant of Q-learning, whose input is raw pixels and whose output is a value function estimating future rewards. This model is tested on variety of Atari and custom made games and its performance is compared with human players.


Atari Games

The model is trained for 2 Atari games - Space Invaders and Breakout. The model was trained for about 12-13 hrs and has achieved good performace that is consistent with the paper.

To run the agent:


python AtariGame-Breakout/ --rom_file breakout.bin --play_games 10 --display_screen --load_weights breakout_models/dep-q-rmsprop-breakout99-epoch.pkl 

Space Invaders:

python AtariGame-SpaceInvaders/ --rom_file space_invaders.bin --play_games 10 --display_screen --load_weights spaceinvaders_models/dep-q-rmsprop-space_invaders99-epoch.pkl

Custom Games

Flappy Bird - Q Learning

I have trained a plain vanilla Q learning (based on based agent where the agent gets information such as the x and y distance from the pipes to compare the performance of this game-specific model to a generalized model as described in the Google's paper. Training time is about 2-3 hrs.

To run the agent:

python FlappyQ/

Flappy Bird - DQN

Similar to the Atari games, I have trained the same model with minor only minor modificaions to the parameters to play Flappy Bird - although the performance is not as good as the Q learning mode which had explicit game data - it still gets a decent average score of about 20-30.

To run the agent:

python FlappyBirdDQN/ --play_games 10 --display_screen --load_weights flappy_models/dep-q-flappy-60-epoch.pkl

Shooter game

This is a very simple game I made using pygame where the player controls a "spaceship" is tasked to dodge the incomming "meteoroids" and stay alive as long as possible. I also tried an (silly?) experiment where I trained different models wherein each model had agents with different degrees of control over the space ship and compared the performance of the same.

To run the agent with just 2 control setting (left and right):

python ShooterDQN/ --play_games 10 --display_screen --load_weights shooter_models/dep-q-shooter-nipscuda-8movectrl-99-epoch.pkl 

To run the agent with just 4 control setting (left, right, top and bottom):

python ShooterDQN/ --play_games 10 --display_screen --load_weights shooter_models/dep-q-shooter-nipscuda-4movectrl-99-epoch.pkl 

To run the agent with just 8 control setting (all directions):

python ShooterDQN/ --play_games 10 --display_screen --load_weights shooter_models/dep-q-shooter-nipscuda-2movectrl-80-epoch.pkl 


For all the below graphs, the X axis is the traning timeline and the Y axis the score funtion for each game.
(Note: scores in Shooter anf flappy bird have been modified (reward amplified) because the original +1 or -1 is not applicable since the player does not have "lives" here and rewards are also very sparse in the these 2 games.)

Atari Breakout:

Atari Space Invaders:

Flappy Q Learning:

Flappy DQN:

Shooter (4-control):


Atari Breakout:

Atari Space Invaders:

Flappy Bird - DQN:

Flappy Bird - Q Learning:

Shooter (custom game):


Number of epochs and train cycles has been adjusted such that all the above code when used for traning takes only about 12-15 hrs max. depending on your CPU and GPU (My CPU: i5 3.4 GHz and GPU: nVidia GeForce 660). Also, do not expect super human level performance (as said in Google's paper) from the models as I have trained it only for 12-15 hrs - more traning with further parameter tuning can improve the scores of all the above games.

Resources used:

The deep Q network used in this project is a modified version of spragunr's dqn code (spragunr/deep_q_rl).
[1] Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview
[2] The Arcade Learning Environment:
[3] ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks:
[4] Lasagne: Lasagne/Lasagne
[5] Theano:
[6] CUDA:
[7] Pygame:
[8] General:

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