Convert your KiCAD board into a nicely looking 2D drawing suitable for pinout diagrams
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Pcbdraw8981a month ago13December 27, 202115mitPython
Convert your KiCAD board into a nicely looking 2D drawing suitable for pinout diagrams
Core2d750254 days ago14May 05, 20223mitC#
A multi-platform data driven 2D diagram editor.
23 days ago3otherJulia
Simple drawings using vector graphics; Cairo "for tourists!"
Hull Delaunay Voronoi301
a year ago1otherC#
Hull, Delaunay and Voronoi algorithms in Unity
Meta2d.js222233 days ago176December 02, 202242mitTypeScript
The meta2d.js is real-time data exchange and interactive web 2D engine. Developers are able to build Web SCADA, IoT, Digital twins and so on. Meta2d.js是一个实时数据响应和交互的2d引擎,可用于Web组态,物联网,数字孪生等场景。
My 2d Diagram Editor54
6 years agomitHTML
A browser-based 2D diagram editor
Voronoi Diagram38969 years ago3June 03, 20141mitJavaScript
n-dimensional voronoi diagram constructor
Ntwrk Clean And Flat29
9 months ago
Free 2D symbols for computer network diagrams based on https://github.com/ecceman/affinity - clean and flat, easily customisable in native Visio stencil format
Voronoi Java17
14 years ago1February 25, 20172mitJava
A lightweight java library for generating 2D Voronoi diagrams using Fortune's Algorithm
4 months ago4February 28, 20224mitRust
A nice and fast way to construct 2D Voronoi Diagrams
Alternatives To Pcbdraw
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Convert your KiCAD boards into nice looking 2D drawings suitable for pinout diagrams. Never draw them manually again!


This tool takes a KiCAD board (.kicad_pcb file) and produces a 2D nice looking drawing of the board as an SVG file. This allows you to quickly and automatically create awesome pinout diagrams for your project. These diagrams are much easier to read than a labeled photo of a physical board or an actual KiCAD design.

You and your users will love them!

PcbDraw also comes with a small utility called Populate which allows you to easily specify & maintain nice looking HTML or Markdown population manuals.


And, also, as a bonus it allows you to programmatically obtain 3D-rendered previews of your boards (e.g., in CI).


PcbDraw is a stand-alone CLI tool distributed as a Python package pcbdraw. It also requires Inkscape 1 or librsvg installed. Read more details in the installation guide.


There are two separate guides:

There are also examples of usage in the examples directory.

PcbDraw seems to be broken!

Please, read FAQ first. If it does not answer your problem, feel free to open issue on GitHub.


Feel free to submit issues and pull requests!

Future Work

  • make reasonably complete module library
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