Rank 1st in the leaderboard of SemanticKITTI semantic segmentation (both single-scan and multi-scan) (Nov. 2020) (CVPR2021 Oral)
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Image Polygonal Annotation with Python (polygon, rectangle, circle, line, point and image-level flag annotation).
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Segmentation models with pretrained backbones. PyTorch.
Paddleseg7,152212 hours ago8April 20, 2022273apache-2.0Python
Easy-to-use image segmentation library with awesome pre-trained model zoo, supporting wide-range of practical tasks in Semantic Segmentation, Interactive Segmentation, Panoptic Segmentation, Image Matting, 3D Segmentation, etc.
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PyTorch implementation of the U-Net for image semantic segmentation with high quality images
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OpenMMLab Semantic Segmentation Toolbox and Benchmark.
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Gluon CV Toolkit
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Sandbox for training deep learning networks
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Semantic Segmentation Suite2,311
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Semantic Segmentation Suite in TensorFlow. Implement, train, and test new Semantic Segmentation models easily!
Alternatives To Cylinder3d
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Cylindrical and Asymmetrical 3D Convolution Networks for LiDAR Segmentation

The source code of our work "Cylindrical and Asymmetrical 3D Convolution Networks for LiDAR Segmentation img|center


  • 2022-06 [NEW🔥] PVKD (CVPR2022), a lightweight Cylinder3D model with much higher performance has been released here
  • Cylinder3D is accepted to CVPR 2021 as an Oral presentation
  • Cylinder3D achieves the 1st place in the leaderboard of SemanticKITTI multiscan semantic segmentation

  • Cylinder3D achieves the 2nd place in the challenge of nuScenes LiDAR segmentation, with mIoU=0.779, fwIoU=0.899 and FPS=10Hz.
  • 2020-12 We release the new version of Cylinder3D with nuScenes dataset support.
  • 2020-11 We preliminarily release the Cylinder3D--v0.1, supporting the LiDAR semantic segmentation on SemanticKITTI and nuScenes.
  • 2020-11 Our work achieves the 1st place in the leaderboard of SemanticKITTI semantic segmentation (until CVPR2021 DDL, still rank 1st in term of Accuracy now), and based on the proposed method, we also achieve the 1st place in the leaderboard of SemanticKITTI panoptic segmentation.



Data Preparation


├── ...
└── path_to_data_shown_in_config/
        ├── 00/           
        │   ├── velodyne/	
        |   |	├── 000000.bin
        |   |	├── 000001.bin
        |   |	└── ...
        │   └── labels/ 
        |       ├── 000000.label
        |       ├── 000001.label
        |       └── ...
        ├── 08/ # for validation
        ├── 11/ # 11-21 for testing
        └── 21/
	    └── ...


├── ...
└── path_to_data_shown_in_config/


  1. modify the config/semantickitti.yaml with your custom settings. We provide a sample yaml for SemanticKITTI
  2. train the network by running "sh"

Training for nuScenes

Please refer to NUSCENES-GUIDE

Pretrained Models

-- We provide a pretrained model for SemanticKITTI LINK1 or LINK2 (access code: xqmi)

-- For nuScenes dataset, please refer to NUSCENES-GUIDE

Semantic segmentation demo for a folder of lidar scans

python --demo-folder YOUR_FOLDER --save-folder YOUR_SAVE_FOLDER

If you want to validate with your own datasets, you need to provide labels. --demo-label-folder is optional

python --demo-folder YOUR_FOLDER --save-folder YOUR_SAVE_FOLDER --demo-label-folder YOUR_LABEL_FOLDER


  • [x] Release pretrained model for nuScenes.
  • [x] Support multiscan semantic segmentation.
  • [ ] Support more models, including PolarNet, RandLA, SequeezeV3 and etc.
  • [ ] Integrate LiDAR Panotic Segmentation into the codebase.


If you find our work useful in your research, please consider citing our paper:

  title={Cylindrical and Asymmetrical 3D Convolution Networks for LiDAR Segmentation},
  author={Zhu, Xinge and Zhou, Hui and Wang, Tai and Hong, Fangzhou and Ma, Yuexin and Li, Wei and Li, Hongsheng and Lin, Dahua},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.10033},

#for LiDAR panoptic segmentation
  title={LiDAR-based Panoptic Segmentation via Dynamic Shifting Network},
  author={Hong, Fangzhou and Zhou, Hui and Zhu, Xinge and Li, Hongsheng and Liu, Ziwei},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.11964},


We thanks for the opensource codebases, PolarSeg and spconv

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