Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Awesome image retrieval papers

The main goal is to collect classical and solid works of image retrieval in academia and industry.


Classical Local Feature

Deep Learning Feature (Global Feature)

Deep Learning Feature (Local Feature)

Deep Learning Feature (Instance Search)

ANN search

CBIR Attack

CBIR rank

CBIR in Industry

CBIR Competition and Challenge

CBIR for Duplicate(copy) detection

Feature Fusion

Instance Matching

Semantic Matching

Template Matching

Image Identification



Demo and Demo Online


  • DeepFashion2 Dataset, DeepFashion2 is a comprehensive fashion dataset.
  • Holidays, Holidays consists images from personal holiday albums of various scene types.
  • Oxford, Oxford consists of 11 different Oxford landmarks.
  • Paris, Paris consists of images crawled from 11 queries on specific Paris architecture.
  • ROxford and RParis, ROxford and RParis are revisited versions of the original Oxford and Paris with annotation corrections, enlarged sizes and more difficult samples.
  • INSTRE, INSTRE is an instance-level object retrieval dataset.

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