Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

artificio: A suite of computer vision deep learning algorithms

We provide here a suite of deep learning computer vision algorithms that are ready for real-world use:

Image Retrieval (via Transfer Learning)

Image Retrieval (via Autoencoders)

Image Processing Tools

Google Images Scraper


Anson Wong

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Python (1,143,903
Machine Learning (31,776
Deep Learning (23,747
Data Science (9,208
Neural Network (8,625
Computer Vision (8,228
Artificial Intelligence (5,567
Image Processing (5,280
Ai (4,821
Convolutional Neural Networks (3,727
Application (2,092
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Recommender System (1,217
Transfer Learning (1,077
Autoencoder (783
Image Recognition (782
Image Retrieval (228
Object Recognition (147
Image Finder (6
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